You do have a backup don’t you?

Today I ordered a 1TB external hard drive online, now there is nothing strange in that, I would imagine that thousands of people do it every single day.

However, after ordering the drive I had chosen I had a read down the reviews. I normally don’t take much notice of reviews unless there is a real high percentage of don’t likes shown.

But having a couple of minutes to spare I thought I would take a look. In doing so one thing stood out, and that was that people who said the drive had failed almost all commented that they had lost data, in one case a few thousand images and in another their university work.

This leads me to wonder if they had ever heard of keeping backups. Nobody in their right mind never backs anything up.

But time and time again there was the statement that data had been lost forever.

They do say that there are two types of people, one who backs up everything and a second who backups nothing because they have yet to loose anything. I have in the past always taken this statement with a pinch of salt. But from reading the reviews of this particular drive that there are a percentage of computer users who don’t backup.

These days data is often valuable and we keep more and more of our life history and or possessions digitally. So it makes sense to have a backup surely? Well apparently some think not.

I must admit I find it hard to dig up any sympathy, we have numerous reminders to back up. Operating systems these days can be set to do it automatically, you don’t even need to make an effort to do anything.

Here in my Mac environment TimeMachine does an hourly backup automatically, I have all my files backed up onto my NAS here in the office with another backup off site. You can’t be too careful.

Also, I wonder how many people verify their backups to see if they are successful and will actually work. Do You? No thought not.

If your backup is corrupt, incomplete or just unreadable then it’s as bad as having no backup at all.

So now you have finished this missive then check your backups actually work, or if you don’t have a backup then do something about getting one sorted. Before you mutter you can’t be bothered just think of all the family images you have that are irreplaceable, you have thought? Good now extract your digit and get a backup sorted.

Summer has arrived

Unless you live underground you can’t help but notice that summer has arrived in the UK with the temperature just over 30c on both Sunday and Monday.

This of course means that the natives have something new to moan about, and that is that it’s too hot!!

Those reading this from outside the UK need to realise that generally the weather rates as the top discussion subject in this part of the world.

It’s never just right it’s either too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet or too unpredictable. As I said it’s never just right.

The news programmes show people sunbathing in the park, the beach or in their own back garden, supposedly enjoying the weather. If this is the case then why do we moan about it so much?

Personally I would rather have it cold than hot, Sunday and Monday were unbearable, and very little work got done. How I coped years ago when I had three desktops complete with CRT monitors churning out heat 24/7 I don’t know. I do remember that in the winter the office did not need the radiator on when it was cold, and that I could feel the warmth when I used to open the door first thing in the morning.

That’s all changed not I have two laptops on and they run cool as does my NAS box and my routers. so I will finish this ramble here and get back to doing some proper work whilst the gentle breeze wafts through the open window. Bliss!!!

Just two days to go.

Here the tension is rising, we are just two days away from voting day for the General Election.

All the main parties are blaming each other for anything they can think of and up in Scotland the SDP are banging on about independence, if it was set to music most would say it’s the only tune they know.

Elsewhere of course we have had the two terrible terrorist attacks, one in Manchester and one in London. Again much talking and blame slinging especially reference the London attack, but nothing really concrete, except a few barriers to stop vehicles mounting the pavements over some London Bridges.

On the home front, I have a new 13.3″ MacBook PRO which I am really pleased with, still have the old one as well, actually I am using it for this post, but the bulk of the everyday stuff, especially my writing will be done on the new machine. I plan at some stage in the not too distant future to do a comparison review of the two machines side by side, so watch this space as they say.

Finally here we are writing this watching high winds and driving rain out of the window, it’s like autumn but warmer! Only just mind you. I pity the poor souls at the coast in caravans today. It can’t be nice to save money and take a holiday and be landed with weather like this.

Getting back into full flow.

Well here we are in the UK heading towards the General Election.

Campaigning was put on hold as a mark of respect for those who died in the terrible attack in Manchester. Words fail me when I try and describe the person who committed the terrible act.

But back to the election bun fight.

The manifestos have all been published by the main parties and they are all accusing each other of wishful promises and bad maths when it comes to paying for what they are promising.

The leaders are all going round the country at great expense saying what we have already read.

The national newspapers have all taken sides and are predicting mass failure if the party they don’t favour gets in. With big depressing headlines on their front pages and big pictures showing that most of the candidates would come third in a beauty contest if there were only two contestants.

Nobody has knocked the door canvasing for votes, we have had one leaflet shoved through, no idea which party because the wife had filed it before I got to it. At least it saved me the job.

Two weeks today at 10pm when the polls close it will all be over except for the mind numbing programmes on TV as the results come in.

I think I will have an early night.

Here we go again

I am typing this just after the announcement that the Prime Minister want’s to hold a general election on 8th June.

Already the news channels and social media outlets are full of the great and the good being wheeled out to give their comments and thoughts on the whole thing.

Immediately you can see that we will get the same stuff said by the same people.

I am so tempted to hide the TV remote until the 9th June!!!

Is it me, or is it….?

I have noticed a trend across the pond, and to some I suppose it could be considered worrying.

One thing I do is follow a fair number of blogs from people in the USA, and there seems to be a trend with some, but not all of them.

Since the changes over there some blogs I follow which used to be quite outgoing, for want of a better term. Now seem quite restrained in their content, almost as if they were being more careful about their blogs content.

Now this could of course be me, but something tells me it’s not. So have you noticed this trend in Stateside blogs and their content? What do you think?

Late into port

Yesterday I ported my mobile number from O2 to BTMobile. All went well and BT kept me up to date as required.

This morning I received a text from O2 saying my number was porting today and they were sorry to see me leave. My reply was they are a bit on the late side.

In an era of instant electronic communications why is it some companies, normally communication ones can’t get the hang of how it’s done?

Lets get the duster and polish out.

Now you will notice that I have shall we say been absent of late.

I must admit I have had other things on my mind and been a bit busy to say the least.

Hopefully there will be more words of wisdom in here this year compared to last year. I suppose really it depends on my mood.

Looking out the window and a barren winter garden that badly needs some work done on it does not do much towards inspiring me to come up with content I must admit.

Like many places round here the garden this time of year looks better in the dark.

If you have any comments on the new layout of the blog please let me know, it would be nice to know I am not talking to myself, just tap on the title of this post and you can leave a comment, go on you know that you are tempted!!!

More of the same.

I know, I know this layout is exactly the same as my Railway Blog.

Well they do say you can’t have too much of a good thing, and as I changed the other blogs layout I though I might as well do this one as well.

Hopefully I will be a bit more active with updates to this one as well.

We shall see.

It’s the week before Christmas

Well here we are the week before Christmas, and the rush is on for people to buy gifts they can’t afford for people who don’t really want them anyway.

Shopping is now 24/7 with people ordering on-line as they eat their corn flakes in the morning and whilst they eat their tea in the evening. Back in the good old days a couple of years ago people either read a book or a newspaper on their way into work. Now it’s all smartphones and tablets as they dig out the perceived bargains on-line from companies they have never heard of and who sometimes trade from a damp garden shed in the back of beyond.

When I worked in retail years ago and Christmas fell as it is this year we would have been closed Sunday-Monday & Tuesday, the world would have survived the shops shut that long and the sun would have risen every day just the same.

Now they will be shut Sunday and then a mad rush to the sales on Monday morning with retailers often unloading the tat they have sat on for twelve months when they could not get rid of it the previous year.

I think I am honest in saying that I don’t miss working in retail, and I think that in the time since I last did people have got ruder and more impatient. But perhaps that’s a sign of the busier times we seem to be living in. People don’t think they have time to just stand still for a minute and take a deep breath, after all if they did they might miss something of no importance.

Recently I saw a comment on-line from a woman in the States who said she had not had a holiday in the last five years, she was afraid that if she did she may be passed over for promotion. Of course what she forgot was that in the five years without a holiday she has not got promoted anyway, or if she has she has not mentioned it. What a terrible job to be in, frightened that if you take a holiday you will be passed over for promotion! If you think that the company you work for would do that then to be honest they are not worth working for in my opinion.

Over the years I have seen too many people work themselves into the ground and then get nowhere, whilst people who did very little got promoted. They did not realise that the secret was to work when those who you thought mattered were watching. I have seen this scenario time and time again. I remember a saying I once saw…. What starts off as a favour becomes the norm. That is so true, it was when I first saw it and it is still true now.

So as you celebrate Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year, if it’s only a day off. Then just sit, take a breath and think back to what you did extra and beyond what you had to do in the past year and realise how little appreciated it perhaps was.