October is early this year.

Carrying on from my last post I am sitting here looking out at rain hitting the window and a cold wind.

Except for the fact that the rain is warmer it could almost be an October afternoon.

The local schools are on holiday this week with kind of guarantees some dismal weather.

It’s coming up to 6pm here and I have the lights all on in here, if I didn’t then it would be really dismal.

Oh well back to doing some writing can’t stare out at typical British weather all day!!

All back to normal

Here we are on the 8th May and it’s lashing down with rain and a bit on the cold side.

Nice to see the weather is back to normal after a super Easter.

I must admit that sitting in the dry looking out is far better than standing outside looking in.

No gardening today!!

Such a little thing.


The particles are by themselves small insignificant things, but in quantity they can be a pain in the rear.

With the onset of sunny days I tend to open the window of the computer room and the result is that the screens all get covered in dust. I am getting through screen wipes at a rapid rate of knots.

I mean I leave the room with nice shiny screens and when I return they all have varying degrees of a matt finish on them.

Roll on autumn.


Is it really that long?

Well it’s been two months since I last posted, how time flies when you’re not having fun.

It’s been a funny start to the year, what with having the flu for several weeks and now I have a cough I just can’t seem to shake off.

I am not sure if it’s due to old age or not but I seem to be feeling the cold this year. Certainly we are still putting the central heating on from time to time.

This retirement lark is hard work as well, some days I set out with the best intentions to get things done, but never quite manage it and I must say it’s most frustrating.

I will try and make a few more regular posts when something of note happens, though wether I recognise something being of note is another matter!

In with the new but hang onto the old.

Those of you who either follow this blog or know me personally know that I am mainly Apple user.

I have a Windows machine but that’s just used for programming radios, for everything else I use Apple.

I started off some years ago with a 2012 MacBook PRO, the model I purchased was a 15″ screen non-retina screen. Nothing flash as Mac’s go and certainly not top of the line.

A couple of modifications I made was to expand the memory to 16GB and also replace the Hard Drive with a 512GB SSD. Both improved the speed of the machine, especially replacing the hard drive.

In 2017 I decided to replace the machine with a new model. Still a MacBook PRO but this time with faster memory, better graphics and an improved SDD.

The new machine gets lots of use, but I just can’t get rid of the old Mac, actually this blog entry is being typed on the old model. For some strange reason I just prefer it for some tasks. On both machines I have an external keyboard, this one on the old Mac being wired and the one on the newer machine being wireless. Now I will admit to not being a great fan of the new keyboards on the Mac’s, for me the keys don’t have enough travel and they are too noisy, it has been likened to typing on a set of scrabble tiles!

But the purpose of this post is to comment on the continued use of the old machine. Yes I could put everything onto the new machine and dispose of the old one, but I jut can’t bring myself to do so. I suppose it’s like continuing to wear old slippers or shoes when you have bought a new pair, they just feel comfortable

At some stage I will have to replace it simply because it won’t run older software but up until then I can see it continue to be used daily. The wife has commented that perhaps I should have just kept the old machine, and perhaps she is right, time will tell.

Looking back.

I do like photography, though I must admit it’s been some time since I have been out and about with my camera.

So here for my last post of the year are some photographs I have posted in the past.

See you in 2019 when I hope to post on a more regular basis.


Logical marketing?

Some time ago I purchased an HP Windows laptop, yes I am aware I don’t like Windows, but it was purchased for a specific task which is to program radios, and it does that task very well.

When I purchased it I registered the machine on the HP website agreeing in the progress for them to send me details of updates and other products. I mean I could always delete unread if I was in the mood, and perhaps they would send me something of interest. A few weeks later I sent them feedback that I was happy with the laptop.

Now the above is straightforward and easily understood, this being the case why, every few weeks do they send me emails advertising new shiny laptops? Blimey the one I have is not twelve months old. Do they expect me to be so unhappy with my purchase that I would want to upgrade it? If this was the case do they think that somebody so quickly unhappy with their purchase would want to purchase another of the same brand?

In all the years working in retail and running my own business I never got my head round the logic used by professionals in marketing.

Now the real question is suppose is the one that asks if my experience above is unique, what are your experiences?

Answers in the comments please.

Yes I know.

Yes I know I have not posted for some time, yes I know I should post more often and yes I am aware that most of those who have commented on by absence post to their blogs even less than I do.

Hopefully the next post will correct this lack of posting.

I have had worse days.

Summer has arrived, and I am sitting in the shade in the garden writing this blog post.

Now I know that this may be the last bit of sunshine we get knowing the British weather, so I feel I must take advantage of it.

Rosemary who looks after the garden at the station has often commented that in the UK we don’t get seasons we get samples, and she could well be right!

Many people feel that at the first glimpse of sunshine they should go out for the day, and in doing so battle the traffic, the crowds and then wonder why they bothered.

Me I am happy sitting here with a ham sandwich, a can of Pepsi Max in the shade enjoying the gentle breeze.

I have decided that it’s about time I had a go at writing again, I have left it alone for far too long so after writing this post I will see what I can create this afternoon via the keyboard.

Over the past six months I have done a lot of reading and enjoyed most of the fiction that I have read and in the process puzzled more than once how I enjoyed a book that received average and sometimes poor reviews and then read one by the same author that’s received rave reviews when personally I felt it was worse than the first one. Have you ever experienced that? The end result now is that I ignore reviews and choose a book based on either it’s author it the brief description of the story.

Right onwards and upwards time to get writing……

One EVERY SIX Days….

I was sitting here thinking it was about time I did another post when I saw the news.

Another School shooting, this time in Texas. That’s on average one every six days since the 1st January I read on Twitter.

How can a nations politicians ignore this?

Children go to school to be educated, they go to improve their future.

How can people ignore the fact that tonight as in the evenings of other attacks, ┬áparents will never see their children again, parents don’t send their children to school expecting them to be shot.

Then I see a post on Twitter of an idiot turning up at the school with an American flag and a pistol on his belt. WHY? This is no solution, this is a sick mind. The pupils of Santa Fe High School deserve better.

The Politicians will roll out and say their prayers and thoughts are with the parents and the dead. THEY DON’T NEED PRAYERS THEY NEED ACTION.

But I doubt if they will get action. Here this side of the Atlantic in the UK I sit and wonder why a countries politicians can let this continue happening. If it gets worse then the media will report the days when there is not a shooting rather than a day when there is.

Now I tend to look at things quite simply in general. Looking at this I see a country where politicians accept money from the NRA who promote guns. They don’t have big enough balls to stand up to the people who finance them and say enough is enough.

How can you have a country where a politician gets into office because they and their team have raised millions of dollars to get their message across. Somebody with little money seems to me to have no chance of office. Why do you have a system where those who raise the most money win even if they are as thick as a brick?

I accept that you will never get rid of all guns, that would be an impossible task, but surely it is not beyond the skill of politicians and the people to make the laws tighter so unstable people can’t have easy access weapons?

Now I may be wrong but I don’t think I am, in my mind it seems that in many states it’s easier for a teenager to get a gun than it is a can of beer? How can this be so?

To all the older Adults, look behind you the youth of America are on the march, and they are determined that things must change for the better, and if I was a betting man my money would be on them succeeding

These are just my thoughts and you may or may not agree with them, I am no expert. But I am an adult appalled yet again by a senseless shooting.