Plodding along.

I am writing this post at 4.30am on a Saturday morning.

With a bunged up nose I am finding it difficult to sleep, so on the computer.

Been having a surf and as has become normal the news sites are full of the Corona virus. Talk about gloom and doom, I recon the contact details for the Samaritans should be on every page. Now I realise the havoc this virus is causing but there must be other things happening, how about some cheery news for a change?

With the heritage railway closed I am not getting my weekly fix, Having given up the station at the end of last year after fourteen years running it I have a new project and thats to write an official blog for the railway. But I will admit at the moment with everything thats going on around I can’t really get any great enthusiasm for the project. I am sure I will at some stage, just not at the moment. So watch this space as they say.

What I am doing is posting a daily picture of the railway on twitter, and just after midnight I posted the 51st image. Should you wish to take a browse they can be found at comments on any of the images are most welcome.

So here you have another brief posting, brief because there is not rally much if anything to report, we just plod along at the moment, with loom, doom and moaning generally on all sides. Some people have compared the present situation to WW2, which I fond interesting as none of those seen comparing so far are anywhere near old enough to remember the war!

Keep safe as everybody is saying and another post will follow soon.



Now it’s just getting silly.

Well as the world progresses with the pandemic the possible cures and rumours are, in many cases just getting silly.

President Trump last night was talking about putting light in the body or disinfectant in the body to kill the disease. The worrying thing is some people will take  notice and perhaps try his suggestions.

Amazing how people will take no notice about treatment from somebody who does not have a clue until that person is the President, then he is listened to.

`They do say a little knowledge can be dangerous, well so can believing you have knowledge when you have none.

The British government makes much about how their following the science before making decisions or recommendations. To date I have not heard one person say what plan “B” is if the science they are following turns out to be wrong.

Disasters produce many so called experts who are wheeled out on TV to give their views and advice, these are people one has normally never heard of, and heaven knows where the media find them. I mean is there an agency where you can hire experts from? I have not seen it in Yellow pages.

Personally I have given up watching the news it’s so depressing, with person after person spotting gloom and despondency. When some positive person appears the interviewers pounce on them and try and make their comments appear negative.

I will plod on and observe what’s going on around me, it’s providing much of interest to those who observe human behaviour.

Well here we are.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that I have not posted about the current pandemic. Well there are enough posts from people not knowing what the hell they are talking about and I have no desire to add to them.

Mind you according to a friend of a friend of a friend if you hang a clove of garlic from your left testicle you will be protected. Unfortunately they did not say protected from what!

So here we are on a sunny Sunday lunch time, the birds are twittering and the breeze is blowing, so everything must be OK.

It’s a funny old period of time, most things are closed, people are not going out much and people are not making money. I bet if you went to Skegness you could get a seat on the sea front now as well.

Whats happening in the world at the moment is bringing out the best and the worst in people, with the majority out to help others and the minority out to make a bit of money out of other people misery. Actually seems about normal.

Stay safe and sit and watch the tv it will make you keener to get out and about!!

Things that go bump in the night.

Here, when things go bump in the night that thing is normally me.

Of late I sometimes have difficulty going to sleep when I go to bed, and that makes me grumpy.

So I would rather just get up, come in here and potter about on the computer for an hour or so, which is why this blog entry is being typed at 1am on a Monday morning.

It does not help that I am an evening person, me and mornings just don’t get on. I can concentrate better at night than in the mornings, heaven knows why but I have always been like that. I know it used to drive my late mother nuts.

I have never worked out how people can be so chipper first thing in the morning. I have over the years asked people why they are chipper in the mornings, but so far not one person has given me a sensible answer.

To me there are advantages to pottering about at night, the main one being that I am rarely if ever disturbed. I have perfected the art of tuning out the wife’s snoring from the bedroom next door. I just imagine it’s distant rumbles of thunder!!!

There’s a lot to be said for some country people who go to bed when it’s dark and get up when it’s daylight.

In the winter I find it relaxing to be working away in the middle of the night with rain beating against the windows, I find it very therapeutic.

I know people who go to bed the same time every night and get up the same time every morning irrespective of wether they need to or not. I don’t understand their logic, assuming that they have some!

So there you have it, I am a night owl! well it’s either that or I am a bit barmy!

Communication is a two way process.

I have long been of the opinion that we are loosing our ability to communicate except with short messages and abbreviated text.

Now it takes two or more to communicate, your local radio station does not normally communicate with you, instead it broadcasts to you. Communication only happens when they read out messages received from listeners or do a phone in show.

Youngsters these days seem to just assume that text messages in various forms are the normal and in some cases the only way of communicating.

But this post is aimed really at people or companies that ask for responses or feedback communications by email and then don’t reply.

You have all seen the advertisement that recommends you email for further details on whatever they are offering, so you fire off a question or questions and they wait, and you wait, and you wait for a reply that never arrives. From my experience this is becoming more and more common especially with businesses.

From this I can only draw one conclusion and that is they are collecting email addresses. This is based if nothing else but on the fact that guilty companies will some months later often send out a generic email pushing one or more of their products, and the only way they could have got the address they used was from the email you sent them that they never replied to.

I have proved this by creating a series of email addresses for one of the domains I have and then using them once and once only to email a company with a query. This has resulted in over 50% of those addresses receiving a generic email from the company some time later and the original email they never bothered to answer.

It always puzzles me why companies send out this generic stuff and I wonder how successful it is. I suppose the important this to remember is that it coasts nothing to send an email, perhaps if it cost say even 1p to send a email if this practice would stop.

Many people have said in various articles over the years that spam email would die if it cost money to send an email. I don’t know, I mean most of the stuff I send to friends is so basic that it would not be worth spending a penny on to send it.

Anyway back to communications, do you have examples of failure to communicate? If so please let me know either in the comments to this email or by direct email.

The early bird catches a cold.

Well it’s almost 4am and I am sitting at my computer writing a blog entry.

Of late I have become a bit nocturnal, sleeping through parts of the day and up during the night.

Of late I don’t seem to be able to have a steady sleep pattern, I am suffering with leg ulcers at the moment which is not helping either. But I must admit that I do find typing away through the night quite relaxing for some strange reason. But the noise from hitting the keyboard keys seems louder at night, then again perhaps it’s just my imagination?

Having said that most of what I produce is still a load of rubbish as far as I am concerned but at least I am more relaxed when I produce it.

I have communicated with a number of writers who write through the night, so perhaps for some it helps creativity, who knows?

Time for a coffee I think, to warm the inner man as they say, who they is I have no idea I must say, perhaps I should waste some time on Google and YouTube seeing what I can turn up. No doubt I will find piles of stuff, weather or not it’s of any use or interest is another matter, much like this blog I suppose.


The inside outside Toilet

Now I can see I have already got you confused. I mean how can you have an inside outside toilet? Well let me explain.

Are you sitting comfortably, and not necessarily on a toilet? You are then I will begin.

On our landing at home as well as the bedroom doors we have a door to a bathroom and one to a toilet. Now a force of habit we don’t shut the windows in the toilet or bathroom, and unless in use or recovering from an urgent visit we often leave the doors ajar.

However the toilet can get rather cold in the winter, but the wife has drawn the line at a centrally heated bog seat. Though it must be said that in really cold weather we have been known to smear vaseline on our rear ends so they don’t stick to the loo seat if we sit for any length of time.

For some strange reason the wind does like to blow through the toilet window, and it seems that the colder it is the more it blows. If a visit is needed in the middle of a winters night it can seem that we are trekking out the back door and down to the privy at the bottom of the yard. Quick calls are needed so we don’t have bits suffering from exposure.

So if any of you wise people know why the wind blows more in through the toilet window then we would love to know. Answers in pencil on the back of a used ten pound note please.

Two weeks in.

Well here we are two weeks into the new year, and to be honest it feels just like it did last year.

For the last two weeks most of the weather has been nothing to write home about, and at least on the mild days the rain has been warm.

I am still enjoying my break from the railway, nice to stay in the warm on cold days when we would normally have been at the station.

But good news, we may have a new project with the railway, they have put forward a few ideas which I am looking at and mulling over at the moment.

Watch this space as they say!


That’s all folks, until next year.

Well here we are trundling our way through the last day of the year.

I have sat here going back over what’s happened to me in the past twelve months, and when push comes to shove there is not a lot to go over really.

Currently on my break from the railway, and if I am honest I am not missing it one bit, I cast an occasional eye on the railcams but that’s about it. There is a steady flow of communications from a few across the railway, normally asking how I am. Now I can’t decide if they ask because they are genuinely concerned or if somebody has got a book going and taking bets on the date of my demise, I would like to think the former, but you never know. I hope to find something interesting to do when I return at the end of April, but we shall see. The cynical part of me wonders if they will just keep Orton Mere warm hoping I will take up the reins again, well that will not be happening so please don’t run a book on that.

One thing I have done in the last month or so is have a final clear out of unwanted and unneeded computer bits, I have accumulated a fair bit over the years but got it tamed now. I have even discovered that the table tops are brown now they are much clearer. What tempted me to get so many ethernet leads is beyond me!!

So there we have it the last blog post of 2019, hopefully we will post more in 2020 and maybe on more subjects that amuse, intrigue or downright irritate me.


The straw that broke the camels back.

Over the last couple of years a few people have asked me if there was one specific point where something happened that made me close my business and take early retirement.

The answer is yes and no! I had been vaguely thinking about taking early retirement for some time, and had even set a few possible dates, but it all came to a head one morning.

I was talking to a prospective client on the phone, this in itself was rare as 99% of my business was via email or online live chat.

We had been chatting about his requirements, which from what I remember were quite specific. Anyway we got to that part of the conversation where costs rear their head. Having given him some rough figures, with the accent being on rough he uttered the immortal words…. Do you know anybody as good as you but cheaper?

That was the straw that broke the camels back, I just put down the phone and set in motion what was needed to  close everything down and take early retirement.

For all I know he is still hanging on the other end of that phone line.

Skills cost money, and as I once said to a client the reason I charged what I did was because I knew how to do it and he didn’t.

Experience showed me time after time that those who commented the most about the cost were always the slowest to pay.