Behind every Mid Life Male there is a Mid Life Female!

Now if you have met me more than a few times especially at the railway then you will have most likely also met my better half. Or to be correct the wife!

For those of you who have not met Sue here is a picture of us both taken last Sunday.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100







If I remember correctly she is laughing because I had just asked to borrow some money from her.

Now it’s fair to say that Sue is the most tolerant patient person you could ever meet, she must be to put up with me. I mean she even paid for the marriage licence, I seem to remember though when she handed over the cash she was muttering about dog licences were cheaper when they were available.

We have been married over 25 years and she has not killed me yet so we must get on together. Now it would be incorrect of me to say we never have our differences, all married couples do, but at least when we differ I normally know when to give in!

Now if Mid Life Wife has one weakness then it’s handbags, she likes to rotate her collection on a regular basis, and I have been known to buy her the odd addition to her collection, especially when I have spent money on something for myself. It takes the heat off my purchase. Though I do check her larger ones before we go out together to┬áconfirm there is not a house brick in there for her to use on me should I embarrass her when we are out.

Being in mid life I do have so I am told a few oddities, though people who tell me that fail to tell me what they are. Sue puts up with them, mind you she has a few too but I am not brave enough to tell her.

Sue works in retail and in common with most others in the retail industry she is not that fond of a lot of the general public, and like mid life man she has a low threshold when dealing with idiots. Having also worked in retail it is a common feeling we share.

Now if I were to list her hobbies two would stand out, the first is trying to keep me under control and the second is perfecting the first. But I will freely admit I would not be without her, I mean she cooks better than me for a start, I have an advanced qualification in burning salad.

To sum up I could not do without her, and I always have the last word in our house and it’s normally “Yes Dear!”