ET Phone Home

One electronic device these days seems to affect our lives more than anything else and that’s the mobile phone, or more specifically the smartphone.

Everybody seems to have them.

At the moment my mother is in hospital and this means that each evening Sue and I have the pleasure of two buses each way to go and visit her.

This means that we are subject to the phone users where quite often the phone seems smarter than the user.

Take tonight for instance, on the way back from Peterborough city centre we had a young lad sitting behind us who was constantly on his phone to one person, and judging from his conversation he did not need a call to his girlfriend he needed one to the Samaritans help line. Even I almost felt sorry for him and I don’t normally do sympathy.

Then we had a chap who must have been retiring age whose phone went off just as he sat on the bus, it blared out a pop tune loudly for about 30 seconds until he could find it in his pocket. His subsequent call was louder than his ring tone, and to top it off he had the kind of voice that makes you want to strangle him. You know the type of voice where he says something and laughs at the end of the sentence even though what he said was not remotely funny.

But prize for most irritating of the night goes to a young girl who had a baby in a buggy with her, you could see her on her phone as we approached the bus stop, when the bus came to a halt she slid it between her boobs and then got on the bus. After showing her bus ticket she sorted the buggy out, took the phone from between her boobs, looked at it then wiped the screen on her top, once this was done she just carried on chatting to the person who had been on the other end of the phone all the time. Now the question is did the person hear her heart beat whilst the phone was between her boobs or did the phone go deaf and possibly overheat. We will never know. But please feel free to post your thoughts on what happened to the poor phone.

People like those above make me embarrassed to have an iPhone, much less use it in public. I always feel like sliding down behind the seat if my phone goes off on public transport, so much so that I normally put it on vibrate.

So don’t be shy what annoys or irritates you about phones on public transport or in public places, come on don’t be shy……