Happy birthday to me……..

Well over the pond it’s thanksgiving and here it’s my birthday……

Nothing special planned, too many other things on at the moment, with my mother now out of hospital but still presenting some challenges.

But I thought what the hell let’s do a blog post and look back on a few highlights and perhaps lowlights as well. Or failing that just have a general waffle.

There have not been too many highlights in the last year to be honest, unless you count the Government informing me that my retirement age is now 66 and not 65! No perhaps thats more a lowlight.

I was reading the other day where a person wrote they had been to fifteen schools. I only went to three and they were all within walking distance of where I lived. I have previously posted about my time at school so I won’t dwell on that.

When I left school I worked in a factory for a short time, my father also worked there but not in the area I worked in. It was a paper conversion factory and made everything from cigarette paper to the corrugated paper that went in biscuit tins. Now I will freely admit I hated it, the reason being that the others I worked with were basically mostly lazy, they did the minimum they could get away with, and that’s not my style.

After a few months of that I went into retail where I stayed for almost 17 years, all with the same company. Generally that was enjoyable but as with any job it had it’s good days and it’s bad. Thankfully despite it being amongst other things a photographic retailer there are very few photographs of me at work, for which I am eternally grateful.

These days I work for myself, I like many others got to the stage where our skills made us expensive, so we were passed over for younger cheaper people, which in the long run is a false economy as skill and knowledge is everything. So I went self employed some 15 years ago, and I must admit I enjoy it, I will never be mega rich but at least what I do is for me and not an employer.  I do fancy looking at other markets and I am drawn to try and do something the other side of the Atlantic, that I will be seriously looking at in the next year or so, but it will depend on a number of factors.

So I hear you mutter what are the highlights he was going on about at the start. Well just to stop the moans lets list the most important one….

The biggest highlight of course was getting married to Sue, around 28 years ago if I remember correctly, I am lousy with dates, and to this day I still don’t know how she puts up with me. Here is a picture of the big day, the sun even shone. Some have said I looked shell shocked!!!!


I reckon they might just be right……..

I suppose that I should count every birthday as a big highlight, but I am not really into birthdays to be honest, it’s just a number as they say.

This is a rare picture of me in a terrible pullover with my father, I have many of his traits, both good and bad. I don’t think we were ever really close to be honest, looking back I think it’s because we were so alike and we often clashed because of it.

Me and Dad

There are so many things looking back that I would have liked us to do together, but for various reasons we rarely did anything together and if I am being honest then I deeply regret that.

My guide I suppose when I was young was my mother, and I have like I did with my father got a lot of her traits, hopefully the good ones.


This is mum taken a few years ago, she is now 86 and her health could be a lot better, in her mind she is fine and as sharp as ever, but she has trouble getting about and her long term care is a current worry, still we will sort it in the end no doubt. As she has become older she has become a clone of her own mother, she has selective hearing, bad eyesight and a heart of gold. She only lives over the road from us and she has been here for seventeen years, I am still not sure if we keep an eye on her or she keeps an eye on us…..

Right time to nip over and have a coffee with the old devil, remember with her some of my past birthdays and no doubt she will remind me that she still has my first pair of shoes, my first payslip and all my school reports, including the ones she always drags up from when I was about 5 that said I was a nice little dancer!!! Still mums are there to embariss children on a regular basis. Or so she occasionally tells me.

So Happy Birthday to me…………


Trundling towards the end of the year…..

Well here we are in November trundling towards the end of the year and just one week off my birthday.

I am sitting here in the office just idly messing about really and thinking about how the year has gone.

In all from my perspective I don’t think it’s gone too badly, some things I wanted to achieve I have failed to do but on the other hand I have achieved some unexpected stuff as well, so I guess the two about even themselves out in the end.

Little hiccups have occurred as well, such as my mothers two stays in hospital, all being well she should be home from the second one which has lasted seven weeks on Monday afternoon. One thing that has been noticeable has been that people my mother phones regularly to see how they are have made no or very little effort to find out as she is. My mother is very forgiving in this matter but I am not, I have a long memory. The old saying “Out of sight out of mind.” Springs into my head.

In all honesty I would have liked the business to have done a little better this year, but things are still tough for many people and things will eventually get better. Looking on the bright side the business owes no money to anybody and that’s a rare thing these days.

My book is coming along slowly, I am having one of my dips in enthuasiam at the moment, I have these in most things I do from time to time so we just sit it out and wait until I get back into it again. Both my blogs have been quiet this year as well, I have either not had the time or the will to write anything, hopefully this will change for the better next year, but at the moment I have lot’s of other more important things on my mind.

Blogs are funny things, many people pour their heart out typing stuff they would never normally say to people directly, they pour their heart out across our computer screens. That I will admit is not me I tend as now to just type what comes into my head. I am not a planner or an in-depth thinker it’s just not me. I just trundle along admiring the view I suppose, big plans and the like are just not me. I am generally happy with my lot, I mean why be miserable? Misery has never solved anything at all to my knowledge. Though I will admit to knowing a few that thrive on misery both that which affects themselves and that which affects others. I personally can’t see the point.

So there you have it, me trundling towards the end of the year via my birthday, the excitement for next thursday is building, not that I will do anything special, I never do. Age is just a number nothing more.

Right time for a drink I suppose so I can settle my brain after writing this…..