You can tell Christmas is over and it’s the new year

I spent a happy hour today nattering to a friend on the phone and whilst doing so I looked out of the front bedroom window at the cul-de-sac I live in.

Now as I have said many times the place where I live looks better in the dark preferably during a power cut when the street lights are out. It’s a depressing sight with the view filled by badly parked cars and wheelie bins. Although I don’t currently have a car it does irritate me to see them badly parked, often taking a space where two could happily fit. I mean why is it that the worst offenders parking wise are the ones who moan about others parking badly the most? It’s not even a woman or man thing as both sexes are guilty of being unable to park a car in a space big enough to park two or three in if they took care.

As for wheelie bins…… Don’t get me started……. Whoops too late. Here we have three bins per house plus a smaller bin for food waste. We have a black bin for normal waste, a green one for recycling and a brown one for grass cuttings etc. I mean round here the idea is of a tidy garden is one where you can drop a beer can and it does not clang as it hits one already dropped there. The small food bins amaze me, if only by the amount of scrap food some houses put in them. Talk about wasting money, it’s obscene. The wife and I waste very little, I mean the object of getting food is to eat it, not bung it in a grey bin that smells in the summer.

Anyway there I was chatting on the phone, observing from above the people walking through the cul-de-sac, it’s an excellent pedestrian short cut for other roads if you get off the bus that stops at the end of the cul-de-sac every ten minutes each way for over twelve hours a day. The people I watched walk by were a miserable lot, now I know it’s cold, windy and downright miserable, but why did most of them have faces that could turn milk off at 50 yards? It’s always the same this time of year, it’s the post Christmas and new year blues so I am told. I call it just being bloody miserable.

Well I feel better after getting all that off my chest, you can’t beat a good moan on a Wednesday afternoon, does wonders for the digestive system, now I wonder whats in the kitchen for a snack?………..