They are starting to irritate.

Now despite what many may think I am actually a fairly easy going person, but one thing is starting to irritate me and thats web site adverts.

Now I know this is how many sites make money, but it is getting rediclous when you get adverts for windows products when on a site dedicated to Apple products.

The other ones that annoy me are the little videos that automatically play when you open a web page, I have taken to browsing with the sound down to stop hearing them.

Some pages these days seem to have more than 50% of the page area full of adverts.

I have just taken over 40 web sites out of my bookmarks simply because they are more adverts than information, and to be honest I can’t see it getting any better in the foreseeable future. Adverts are the major thing on many sites it seems.

I remember somebody once said that American television is often adverts interrupted by programmes, I have a feeling that some web sites and perhaps the WWW is heading the same way, we shall see….