A new toy.

Sue my wife bought me a surprise gift yesterday, she bought me an iPad Mini!! I was lost for words.

I already have an iPad 2 which I am really happy with, but I have several times commented on the size.

Having a little free time this morning I thought I would compare the 2 iPads, these are my findings.

Connected to wi-fi. Both on the 5GHz band.

Max download speed on speed test site both connecting to the same server.

iPad Mini 74Mbps (This is the max speed I get on anything connected to the router via Wi-Fi.)
iPad 2 40Mbps

Upload speed for both was the same at around 18Mbps

The better faster processor in the iPad Mini enables faster downloads from web sites.


Comparing the same video side by side the iPad mini is vastly better, this is also shown with games, the retina display is outstanding, I would love to play with an iPad air at some stage which is the same size screen as the iPad 2

Battery life.

The battery is running down faster on the iPad Mini and I would guess that nightly charging will be needed, this is not always necessary with the iPad 2 but time will of course tell.

The iPad Mini also gets warmer in use than the iPad 2 it gets warm but not uncomfortable to hold.

Both are excellent as e-readers, though I think the iPad 2 has the advantage that you can lay it on the table and read, but the Mini text is slightly too small with both on default settings. The same can be said when browsing web pages, you have to hold the Mini but the older model you can stand up in it’s case.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages to be honest and I have decided to keep both and not dispose of the iPad 2. One thing I will say is that the iPad 2 is now the only Apple device I have with the older wider connector.

It will be interesting to see how both perform when iOs 8 comes out in the Autumn, it’s likely to be the last operating system update for the iPad 2. I think that the iPad Mini will cope better with the extra demands some of the new features will put on it.

Sue bought it from John Lewis and came with a three year warranty.

So there you have it, I will be keeping the iPad 2 as some of the Apps I will not be putting on the iPad Mini.