A trip down memory lane…

Today I was having one of my rare sort out sessions in the office.

In the process I came across an old backup CD going back to when I ran XP, the file was dated 2007.

On it was a backup of my favourites, so for nothing more than my own amusement I ran down the entries to see how many are still operational amongst the personal sites that were listed.

Probably about 25% are still functioning and have been updated in the last six months. Which is a shame really as some of them were from what I can remember full of useful information.

So that prompted me to have a look down the list of blogs I follow or used to follow and the result is that less than 50% of them have been updated in the last six months and the majority of those not updated have not seen an entry in the last twelve months if not longer.

Therefore here is a question for anybody who favours answering it. Are blogs dying? Or have they been replaced by other forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, I would be interested to read what your thoughts are.