It’s all down to numbers.

The other day I was sitting talking to the wife, yes I know that might come as a shock but we do communicate with each other by voice rather than text or e-mail messages from time to time.

Anyway it was one of those days when I was feeling really chipper for some reason.

The wife asked me how I felt because she always looks worried for some reason when I am in a happy mood.

“I feel like an eighteen year old.” I replied.

She gave me that kind of look where you know a pearl of wisdom or a cutting remark will follow.

“Well you’re not having one.” She replied.

I mean how can you answer that? What ever you say you just know it would be wrong, so for once I stayed silent.

Later on I got thinking about what she had said and I remembered that comment that people sometimes make “Age is nothing but a number.” The trouble is that those who make the comment have normally just admitted to bedding somebody much younger than they are and they are trying to justify their actions, normally to themselves.

But even the process of going with somebody much older or younger than you is littered with problems.

Old Man with Young Girl                 He is a bit of a devil or a randy old sod.

Old Woman with Young Man         She is a cougar, or perhaps desperate!

Young Man with Older Woman     Looking for somebody with experience.

Young Girl with Older Man             She is a Tart!

Now of course none of the above are in any way set in stone, and all are as inaccurate as each other.

But when push comes to shove does it really matter in the great sphere of life as we know it. The answer is no, it really does not matter, not one jot.

I know couples who’s age difference is quite large and they are as happy as a couple of pigs in a puddle, I also know couples where they are both the same age and they are as miserable as hell.

Now as you have read this far you are either half asleep or wondering what the hell I am on about, and you wish I would just get to the point.

Well, I suppose my point is that perhaps if people just did what they thought was right or if you prefer just followed their heart then perhaps, just perhaps there might not be as many miserable buggers about in the world.