The Great Phone Swap.

Now those people who know me know that I love to play with technology. For somebody heading towards the age where we could be called a boring old fart I do love gadgets.

Recently I decided that it was time to swap my phone for something different. I was using an iPhone 5 and I will admit that I was very happy with it. So I scanned the deals for an iPhone 6 on contract. However, they wanted silly money each month.

So I made the decision to move away from the iPhone, this was despite the fact that my office is 100% Apple with a MacBook PRO and an iMac computer system linked in with an iPad Mini.

I had already decided not to change phone provider, I am with O2 and happy with their service and coverage. After much poking around I decided on an HTC 1 M8 smart phone. The design is nice and it has received quite a few good reviews with no real bad ones. Not of course that this is always an indicator of what a product will be like for me personally but it can be a fair indicator

A few minutes on line and the deed was done, the phone would arrive the next day. Now I don’t know if it’s just me but many people employed by courier companies look the type that you would generally cross the road to avoid.

Anyway before I digress, the phone arrived safely the next day, after checking to confirm that was all OK, I did a sim swap and the beast was ready for use.

As I started going through the settings it occurred to me that the Android system shared one bad trait with windows computers and that was the number of darn updates that were suggested.

Once these were out of the way I looked at was actually installed on the phone, what I would use and what I would delete or uninstall from the unit.

I then discovered that many of the programs or Apps as they like to call them these days could not be removed from the phone. Now this I find irritating to say the least.

Anyway onwards and sideways, now I know the phrase is normally onwards and upwards but in this case sideways is a far better choice.

Eventually things like favourites and the phone book were all sorted and we could get down to seeing what the phone was like in everyday use.

Some two weeks after first using the phone I must say I am overall not that impressed, yes there are good points such as a nice screen and decent sound but the irritating things outweigh the benefits.

In every day use the phone is just a tad too big to be used in one hand I find and also the touch keyboard is more temperamental than a four year old on a high of sugar. When I first got the phone it used the KitKat operating system, O2 have since made the new Lollipop operating system available and I have upgraded, if upgraded is the right word to that, I won’t even dwell on the stupid names of the operating systems.

Anyway, getting back to the touch keyboard, for me it’s just too sensitive, though it appears better with the new OS but sometimes letters etc. register on the screen as pressed before you touch the screen, get within an couple of mm of the screen with your finger and it will behave as though you have touched it. It’s also very easy to type the incorrect character as well, to avoid this using a touch pen is almost a requirement.

When holding the phone to my ear my thumb wants to be just where the volume rocker is so it’s all to easy to either decrease or increase volume during a call. The swipe method of answering a call could also be a bit better as sometimes in my experience it can take a couple of goes to answer, assuming of course you don’t accidently reject the call in the process.

Call volume is good and audio is nice and clear, I have had no calls drop part way through. I must admit it does feel a bit big when I hold it to my ear though.

A case is a must as the back which is curved seems a bit on the smooth side and I always feel as though it could drop out of my hand.

The camera is nothing special and the editing effects built in are in my case a waste of time.

I could go on and write a couple of pages more about the bits on the phone but it would be largely pointless. I can sum up the phone by saying it’s like a beautiful woman with no personality. It’s undoubtedly a lovely looking device but in day to day use it just has too many little irritations, or at least that’s what I find. If I could take all the good bits of the HTC and the iPhone 5 and combine them then I would be a happy man. Come to think of it perhaps that’s been done already and called the iPhone 6.

I have put a PAYG SIM into the iPhone 5 and still take that out to do simple things like navigation and weather, it’s just easier to use.

So the question you want to no doubt ask is do I regret getting it? Well the answer is no I don’t and I will use it as my main communications device. But it is far from the ideal phone. Perhaps I was spoilt with the iPhone which, like all Apple products just seems to work with no problems, no junk installed and no major or for that matter minor irritations.