Oh the shame. How will I live it down?

On Wednesday I had to do a terrible thing……

Well that’s got you all thinking….

On Wednesday I had to buy a Laptop and not only does it run Windows, but it’s version 8.1. Oh the shame of it.

Anyway, I need it to run a specific piece of software that won’t run on the Mac. Before anybody mentions it I have had a go at partitioning and dual booting the Mac to run OS X or Windows, but I was far from happy, the Mac seemed to want to run a bit warmer when using Windows.

So I bit the bullet and went out and bought an Acer laptop. Now it was a very technical purchase, I knew I wanted a 15.6″ screen but other than that for anything else I was not fussed. The most important thing for me is the keyboard, if I don’t like the keyboard on a machine then it’s out of the reckoning no matter what other specs it has or the price it’s selling for.

Anyway, we settled on a machine based on the above criteria and also bought a wireless mouse at the same time. You can’t do serious work with a trackpad, I dislike them with a passion even on the MacBook.

Once home and I had got rid of the half a tree that came wrapped around the machine and the bubble packing round the mouse, you know the type where you need scissors to break in I set about setting up the computer.

Like it seems all machines running Windows it came with a load of preinstalled stuff that was no use, well certainly not to me. Once we had registered the machine and before we did any updates we started first by making a set of recovery media. I mean who in the right mind puts the recovery stuff in a separate partition on the only hard drive in it? If the hard drive fails you have lost everything. Once that was done I set about removing the “You can’t do without it added software.”

By the time I had finished I had removed about everything except the OS and it’s utilities. It must be so confusing for somebody buying a computer for the first time to be greeted by all this junk and perhaps thinking they have to use it.

That out the way and a couple of mugs of coffee later I did the Windows updates, there were a fair few, but we have a decent internet connection so it did not take too long.

Then, with the software installed we were ready for action. I must say the computer is quite nice to use, even Windows 8.1 is not really that much of a pain. I can’t compare it directly with the MacBook PRO quality wise as it cost a quarter of the price of the Mac. But all in all it’s not bad to use.

So that was my Wednesday adventure, but one thing puzzles me, and that is…..

Why did the laptop come with three A4 pages of instruction and that was it whilst the mouse came with eighteen pages, although they were much smaller they went into some great detail. Perhaps there is a trend that the more we spend the less written assistance we get. What are your thoughts?