The need for speed.

As anybody who knows me will testify I am built for comfort rather than speed.

But one thing that irritates me is the time wasted when I am sitting waiting for one of the computers to do it’s thing.

It’s thing is normally writing to or reading from the hard drive. Hard drives are normally the biggest bottleneck on most computers. So in the case of this laptop I decided to do something about it, and that something was swap the hard drive for a Solid State Drive or SSD for short.

Now you only have to go somewhere like Youtube and you will find videos galore on SSD’s. The whole world and their wife seems to be an expert on them. If you venture onto Amazon you will see lots of them offered for sale and if you read the reviews they range from the best thing since sliced bread to the biggest waste of money possible. The truth is of course that the reality is that a crap computer will still be a crap computer even with an SSD in it, but people think after reading reviews and watching videos that the SSD should be treated like the second coming.

Anyway I decided to splash out and buy one, the model I settled on is the Samsung 840 EVO and it’s capacity is 500GB. It’s not the most modern and it’s not the fastest, but one thing in it’s favour is that it is not the most expensive either.

Well, the said item arrived and I opened the outer wrapping to be confronted by what can only be described as an oblong flat box just slightly bigger than a CD case. My first though was “Is this it?” Well despite delving back into the outer packaging I rapidly realised that indeed that was it.

On opening the box I was greeted by an oblong metal container, also known as the SSD. On holding it in my hand I did wonder if it was empty, as it was extremely light in weight.

But it was time to stop wondering how so little could cost so much and get it installed in the MacBook PRO. That job took under ten minutes, after all less than two weeks ago or so I had gone the same route installing a new 1TB hard drive in it, which was now being taken out and replaced by the SSD. Once installed I used TimeMachine to put back all the stuff including the operating system that I had taken off the other drive. One coffee and a couple of sandwiches later the task was complete. Once the bottom had been screwed back into place it was time to boot up the laptop and see how the new drive performed.

Well…. Performance wise I am very impressed, there is no comparison between the old drive and the new, not that I honestly expected their would be. The speed is certainly impressive, opening documents is as near as damn it as fast as opening them if they had been minimised on the tool bar. Boot up is I reckon over five times faster, with the conventional drive in the laptop booted up about the same speed as my iMac. Now it leaves the iMac in the dust. One other benefit is that I appear to be getting better battery life out of the machine as well not that it doesn’t have to spin up the hard drive.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the purchase, certainly I think it’s well worth the money, and I don’t look like a lemon as often as I used to.

Would I recommend one? Well that’s a difficult question to be honest, I certainly think it’s been an excellent purchase, but your experience may be different, it all depends on your computer and it’s specifications to start with. Personally I am seriously considering buying at least one more to replace the drive in the wifes laptop, which is without doubt certainly her bottleneck productivity wise. We shall see…..