It’s staying lighter later.

There is no doubt about it, it’s getting lighter later at night. Here in the UK we move to summer time on the 29th March. That will mean that the wife will actually go to and from work in the daylight.

Without doubt there will be the normal comments on TV about the hour lost etc. Then in October when we go back to GMT they will bemoan the darker mornings, danger for children on their way to school etc. It’s the same every year without fail.

Back in WW2 we had double summer time where we were two hours ahead of GMT so the farmers could work later and get the crops in better. Now thinking about this logically they could have achieved the same by just starting work earlier. But never let simplicity get in the way of making things more complex than they need to be.

We seem to be obsessed with our time being accurate these days. Year’s ago we were happy if our watches were accurate to within five minutes or so. These days we seem to panic if we are a second out. Personally I blame two things…

The first was the arrival of the quartz digital watch, they claimed great accuracy but in doing so committed to mention the fact that the stated accuracy would be affected by the change in temperature for the watch when you put it on and took it off your wrist. I used to work for a retail establishment that sold amongst other things digital watches, and when they first came out to the masses, the number of people we had in complaining their timepiece was a second out was amazing,

The second thing I blame is the arrival of the watch locked to the atomic time standard. I mean for the task of catching the bus or getting to work on time do you really need something that accurate? When I worked in retail we based our opening hours on the fact that we opened using the slowest clock in the place as a reference and in the evening we closed using the fastest clock as reference. It was not rocket science and worked well for years.

Looking round me here in the office I have over ten items I can read the current time on, from the clock on the wall to the phone in my pocket. But the one thing I don’t have is a watch, I just don’t need one to be honest. My phone is always in my pocket and the time is there at the press of a button, or if I am feeling really idle I can speak to it and ask it the time.

So two questions… One, do you wear a watch? Two, will you buy one of the new Apple watches? In my case the answer to both questions is no.