St George’s Day.

Today is St George’s Day. The patron saint of England.

We are today reminded of the following.

The Scots are proud to be Scottish.
The Welsh are proud to be Welsh.
The Irish are proud to be Irish.


The English are too worried about upsetting anybody else to be proud of being English.

Really on the ball

Some of my friends are really on the ball, and so sharp they are in danger of cutting themselves.

I received an email this morning from one such friend who said… There is no entry on your blog for over a month, does that mean you have not posted anything?

I mean how sharp is that, but of course he is quite right I have not posted anything, the main reason being that nothing profound has happened. The only excitement happened last Friday when we had a new sofa delivered (A Couch for those across the pond.)

When it arrived and after a bit of scratching of heads it was finally taken into the living room after they had unscrewed one arm (of the sofa that is,) and had taken off the door between the hall and the living room. The wife’s only comment was “It’s bigger than I expected.” Now based on the fact that she had chosen it, ordered it, both on line and had also measured the space in the living room to see if it would fit I just stared at her and said nothing. But I must say it’s very comfortable and the wife loves it so that’s a double bonus.

At the moment I am very busy with work, and I am looking out at a garden that needs attention, so will have to set aside some time for that. The problem is I am not a fan of gardening to be perfectly honest, if I could get away with concreting the whole lot over I would do so. Perhaps artificial grass and flowers is the answer, I will suggest it to the wife who is also not a fan of gardening.

Oh well enough waffle from me back to doing some work before the wife gets home… Oh the excitement…