All said it’s not a very exciting week.

I would not describe this week so far as exciting.

Monday was yet another bank holiday, with all the shops open but a Sunday bus service, so people without cars had a more difficult time getting out to spend money they did not have.

For me the highlight today has been washing my mouse rugs. Now if your wondering what the hell a mouse rug is then look here.

I would also suggest but at the time of typing this work of art the site appears to be unavailable.

I have had the two here a couple of years I think, normally mouse mats last about 6 months before I throw them out but these are really hard wearing, and can be put in a washing machine.

See what I mean about exciting here I am typing about washing miniature things that look like rugs!

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the real highlight of the week, it’s the General Election here in the UK, when we get to vote for the local member of parliament, but we don’t vote for the person who will become prime minister. Over the past few weeks we have had the various parties trying to get votes and promise the earth. In the end if the polls are to be believed we will have what’s known as a hung Parliament. I don’t mean the MP’s will be hanging from rope, though with some of them that might not be a bad idea, it means no one party will have a majority. This will lead to backroom deals and hopefully a coalition will formed by two or more parties that can govern.

Perhaps Guy Fawkes had the right idea in 1605 when he and others tried to set off gunpowder under the bunch of them. A quick trip to Google will get you the details.

So there you have it. An average week in the continued exciting life of a mid life male.