Almost there….

Well I am writing this at 8.30am on Christmas Eve.

When I worked in retail some years ago, actually more years ago than I care to remember Christmas Eve was a funny day.

Normally we would be busy in the morning then about midday it would start to quieten down whit normally an early close about 4pm.

The last hour or so saw two types of customer, the drunk and the panicking husband who still did not have a clue what to buy the wife.

Drunks were easy they just wanted to buy a present for somebody and hoped it would get them forgiven for going home for want of a better term, totally rat arsed.

The panicking husband was more tricky, especially those who had spent so much already to impress the girlfriend that they did not have much left to spend on the wife. Laugh not, I saw that so many times over the years. We always made sure the receipt was in the box, as we would lay bets on what would be bought back the first day we were open after Christmas, we were rarely wrong.

These days most shops will be only closed on Christmas Day, opening early on boxing day with their sale to get rid of the tat they could not shift at inflated prices in the run up to Christmas.

This year with Christmas Day on the Friday and Boxing day on Saturday we would have been closed Friday to Monday inclusive, it was bliss.

The world did not end because the supermarkets were closed for a couple of days, people prepared.

So as we cruise through Christmas Eve give a thought to the poor devils who have very little or even nothing, and when you sit down tomorrow looking at the oversized turkey, the mound of vegetables and potatoes, just remember those who find a bag of crisps a luxury.

Give a thought also to the poor devils who work in retail, they often spend the festive period, which for them seems to get shorter every year recovering from the onslaught of ungrateful people buying into the Christmas Spirit, you know the type, those who are amazed you have run out of something on Christmas Eve just as you are about to close.

Enjoy your Christmas, it only arrives once a year and then we still can’t afford it.