Stating the obvious.

Everybody has it….

Has what?  I hear you ask.

The answer is the knack of stating the obvious. You know one of those people who will look up at a bright clear sky with not a cloud in sight and utter the immortal words. “It won’t rain today!”

Well I received an email this morning, now that is not unusual, actually some emails can be quite interesting if you can sort them out from the unwanted junk.

Anyway, this one said “You have not posted to your blog since Christmas.”

See people notice these things, whats unusual is that the email was from somebody I have not heard from for years! Actually come to think of it I may even have thought they were dead.

But the said email fulfilled it’s function and here I am doing a post to the blog. The question is what do I post about? These days Blogs are like soap’s on the TV, they say they are showing real life, but they are lying. If they were about real life then they would be darn boring and nobody would watch or read them.

The internet is full of forgotten blogs, cast aside in favour of the new kids on the block like Periscope, Blab and similar. Where you can see people spout on about everything and nothing, many claiming that what they are intent on selling you will revolutionise your business, and will in some cases make you a millionaire. This leads me always to the question, if what they are selling could make you a millionaire if followed to the letter, why are the people selling this snake oil not millionaires themselves.

It reminds me of a person I used to know who ran a dating agency, back in the days before the Internet made it all so simple to meet the wrong person. The slogan of his agency was that he would help you find a beautiful woman, or words similar. It’s a few years ago now. Well I always wondered over the years why, if he could help you find a beautiful woman why he had not helped himself. To put it simply his wife was an ugly duckling who grew up to be an ugly duck!

Which brings me back to stating the obvious. Why do these self professed Guru’s on social media think they are experts at what they are peddling? You can’t with a straight face promote something you wrote telling how you can be an expert on something which is something you have yourself used for less than a month! Credibility goes right out the window, closely followed by honesty and ethics.

Personally I always aim to be honest in business, I don’t make promises I can’t keep or offer things I can’t supply. In the long run it never works out. But here we have a bunch of people who are selling a promise and that promise is 99% of the time not worth the paper it’s written on if you print it out.

Where has the honesty gone these days? I think the answer is that it’s been retired and replaced by product offered by people who are, to quote a saying legends in their own lunch time. They have jumped on a media bandwagon and in many cases they are running their so called businesses on a platform that has at best a limited lifespan before something else comes along.

Now I am sure some people reading this blog will disagree with me, and that’s your prerogative. But if you genuinely disagree then please make a comment and state your case, I would love to hear it.