Not a lot to say recently.

I know, I know I have not posted much of late.

Well to be honest I have not had a lot to say.

Now of course I could comment on world happenings, but there are more than enough sites doing that already. I could comment on the upcoming referendum here in the UK, but not a lot to say about it really. I already know how I will be voting and nothing will make me change my mind, so just observing people who I would not trust to run a bath never mind run a country commenting on the subject. Even leaders from around the world seem to be throwing their wisdom in, and when they do so I can’t help but think if it was the other way round and the UK was commenting on the event if it was in their country we would be told to keep our noses out of it.

It always strikes me as funny that countries that seem to stick their noses in the most offering advice hate to take advice themselves.

Perhaps human nature can be blamed for this desire to poke about in other countries affairs, honestly I don’t know and equally don’t care. Generally I keep my opinions to myself and don’t want to get into great discussions with people.

Anyway if I am not careful I will start rambling on about not a lot. Hopefully I will be a bit more regular posting in the future, I wonder if you can get a laxative to make you post more regular?