Who knows what about whom?

Well here we are at the end of another month.

It’s been a busy one for me as well, with several projects on the go at the moment.

However, yesterday I was reading an article, this is a link to the article concerned

It made me remember why I moved away from the Windows platform. I have played with Win 8.1 and experienced the nag screens, I have installed Win 10 on a machine and then had to manually set all the settings so it did not phone home more than E.T. Even then I was not sure it was 100% locked down. Once I had played with it I deleted the partition and it was gone.

Why do many software manufacturers assume that not only do they know what we want but also how we want it set. Now I appreciate that for many users you have to make it as idiot proof as possible. But they need to acknowledge there are actually people who know what they are doing and that these users may not just want the out of the box installed default settings.

In an ideal world we should switch on things we want not switch off things we don’t. Yes I have heard all the arguments about anti-virus and ant malware should be switched on by default, I don’t have a problem with that. But I do object to software that seems to want to phone home every time you sneeze in the next room.

Data collection is big business, and we need to constantly remember that nothing is for free, you sell your soul when you fill in any online details.

Last week I did an experiment, I set up an email address on a domain I own. I then signed up for a newsletter on a computer site, the URL of that site does not matter, one thing I will say however is that it was not a UK one. My contact details were the email address I had set up. Within 24 hours there were over 100 spam emails in it, none of witch were anything to do with the company whose newsletter I had signed up for. The spam continued after I had unsubscribed from the newsletter. The email account has now been deleted from the domain.

We live in an age where the lure of content on a computer be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone outweighs the information we are happy to disclose to get that “FREE” content.

As I have said before if a Government said the population had to carry a device so they could be tracked and monitored there would be an uproar. Sorry to say if you carry a smartphone round then it’s already happened, you know that device in your pocket that shows you on a map exactly where you are. Just think next time you tweet or similar any information as to where you are, and announce that your family are with you just remember that you have also told those who know your address that most likely you house is empty, except for all the gadgets you have proudly boasted about before. Just think about that, when you say where you are you are also saying where you are not!