The summer urge to share

It’s a lovely July day and my neighbours have the urge to share. Shame it’s just loud music and the smell of a BBQ.

Out the front we have the sone of one of my neighbours cleaning his car with the doors all open and Abba playing full blast and echoing around the cul-de-sac.

Out the back we have a neighbour a few doors down playing loud music that’s so distorted I can’t work out what it is. They are also failing at lighting a BBQ with smoke everywhere. I would not be surprised if at any moment a tribe of red indians appeared in answer to the smoke signals. I don’t know what they are trying to cook but all I can smell is charcoal and petrol.

Now I am not anti social, far from it but why do people in the summer fails to take into consideration those people who just might want to enjoy a drink in the sunshine sitting peacefully in their gardens? Why can’t they realise that neighbours might not share their taste in music played and echoing at full blast?

Looking on the bright side at least in winter most keep their music contained and their windows tightly shut.

Does anybody reading this blog suffer from the same in the summer?