Ploughing through summer

Well here we are ploughing through summer, at the moment the sun is shining, the office window is open and all is well with the world. Well at least the little bit of the world I am in.

I am successfully avoiding any Olympic Games coverage, I am not a sports person to be honest, and have yet to work out why a country like Brazil that’s in a deep recession can justify spending the money on the games that it has. Perhaps they think that how the world perceives them is more important than the welfare of the people and enabling them to put food on their tables and be able to live in something better than a slum. I would take a bet that the people who committed all the money live in decent houses, have clean water and food on the table.

One thing I have not been able to avoid is the presidential election stuff flowing out of the USA. I must admit to following it as closely as I can seeing as I am the wrong side of the pond from where the action is. I have come to the conclusion that come election day the USA citizens won’t be voting for the best candidate they will be voting for the least worst. I can’t get my head round the fact that one of the most important things to do to get selected to be one of those up for election is the ability to raise more money than anybody else, surely the most important thing with a candidate is their ability to be able to do the job honestly and to the best of their ability. Not their skills in raising the most money to spend on getting their “Message” out to the people.

Despite what many would have us think there is a lot of poverty in parts of the USA, now just imagine if all the money the candidates raised and spent, and we are talking here of the unsuccessful candidates as well was spent of combating that poverty and improving things for those people at the bottom. What a difference it could make, but then again we are not likely to ever prove that theory which is a shame.

Oh well enough rambling on back to enjoying the sunshine.