Dull days and cold coffee.

I am sitting here in the office and it’s around 7.20am.

Just raised the window blind and it’s so dull outside I might just put it down again. It’s that time of year when the office lights are on all day and I must admit I don’t find it inspires my mind to work in artificial light all day.

We need a nice sunny day if only to cheer me up, there is nothing like a sunny day in winter to make things look better. I find dull days quite depressing, people walk through the cul-de-sac to get the bus looking miserable and as though they would rather be anywhere else but where they are.

I remember when I used to work in retail we used to always get miserable people in on dull days. For a time I worked in a shopping centre and that was terrible I used to go into the centre in the morning and often not see daylight until I left again in the evening. I could go into the centre in sunshine and come out to pouring rain, it could be a shock on the system.

Which brings me to the subject of cold coffee. I have this knack of nipping down to the kitchen, making myself a mug of coffee and coming back up to the office with it and putting it down on the desk I am not using, then forgetting about it, until it’s cold that is. If I could get a coffee I could make with cold water then I could save a fortune on electricity used boiling a kettle. I actually don’t mind cold coffee, this perhaps comes from the fact that until I got married I rarely if ever had any form of hot drink. I was that hardy soul you saw in winter walking through the snow drinking a soft drink out of a can.

Recently I came across a web site for an independent coffee shop, a nice web site it was too, I would post the link but I can’t remember what the hell it was! Anyway, looking through the list of the various types of coffee drinks nowhere could I see what could best be described as a bog standard coffee. They all had fancy names and descriptions many of which just left me baffled. Then again these days many things leave me baffled, it seems to be something I am getting quite good at!

I suppose I had better get some work done, rather than sit here intermittently glancing out the window at what is not a slightly brighter but misty view typing away about cold coffee.

Next Monday is my birthday, you just watch it will rain. Oh yes and my coffee will still get cold….