It’s the week before Christmas

Well here we are the week before Christmas, and the rush is on for people to buy gifts they can’t afford for people who don’t really want them anyway.

Shopping is now 24/7 with people ordering on-line as they eat their corn flakes in the morning and whilst they eat their tea in the evening. Back in the good old days a couple of years ago people either read a book or a newspaper on their way into work. Now it’s all smartphones and tablets as they dig out the perceived bargains on-line from companies they have never heard of and who sometimes trade from a damp garden shed in the back of beyond.

When I worked in retail years ago and Christmas fell as it is this year we would have been closed Sunday-Monday & Tuesday, the world would have survived the shops shut that long and the sun would have risen every day just the same.

Now they will be shut Sunday and then a mad rush to the sales on Monday morning with retailers often unloading the tat they have sat on for twelve months when they could not get rid of it the previous year.

I think I am honest in saying that I don’t miss working in retail, and I think that in the time since I last did people have got ruder and more impatient. But perhaps that’s a sign of the busier times we seem to be living in. People don’t think they have time to just stand still for a minute and take a deep breath, after all if they did they might miss something of no importance.

Recently I saw a comment on-line from a woman in the States who said she had not had a holiday in the last five years, she was afraid that if she did she may be passed over for promotion. Of course what she forgot was that in the five years without a holiday she has not got promoted anyway, or if she has she has not mentioned it. What a terrible job to be in, frightened that if you take a holiday you will be passed over for promotion! If you think that the company you work for would do that then to be honest they are not worth working for in my opinion.

Over the years I have seen too many people work themselves into the ground and then get nowhere, whilst people who did very little got promoted. They did not realise that the secret was to work when those who you thought mattered were watching. I have seen this scenario time and time again. I remember a saying I once saw…. What starts off as a favour becomes the norm. That is so true, it was when I first saw it and it is still true now.

So as you celebrate Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year, if it’s only a day off. Then just sit, take a breath and think back to what you did extra and beyond what you had to do in the past year and realise how little appreciated it perhaps was.