Getting back into full flow.

Well here we are in the UK heading towards the General Election.

Campaigning was put on hold as a mark of respect for those who died in the terrible attack in Manchester. Words fail me when I try and describe the person who committed the terrible act.

But back to the election bun fight.

The manifestos have all been published by the main parties and they are all accusing each other of wishful promises and bad maths when it comes to paying for what they are promising.

The leaders are all going round the country at great expense saying what we have already read.

The national newspapers have all taken sides and are predicting mass failure if the party they don’t favour gets in. With big depressing headlines on their front pages and big pictures showing that most of the candidates would come third in a beauty contest if there were only two contestants.

Nobody has knocked the door canvasing for votes, we have had one leaflet shoved through, no idea which party because the wife had filed it before I got to it. At least it saved me the job.

Two weeks today at 10pm when the polls close it will all be over except for the mind numbing programmes on TV as the results come in.

I think I will have an early night.