You do have a backup don’t you?

Today I ordered a 1TB external hard drive online, now there is nothing strange in that, I would imagine that thousands of people do it every single day.

However, after ordering the drive I had chosen I had a read down the reviews. I normally don’t take much notice of reviews unless there is a real high percentage of don’t likes shown.

But having a couple of minutes to spare I thought I would take a look. In doing so one thing stood out, and that was that people who said the drive had failed almost all commented that they had lost data, in one case a few thousand images and in another their university work.

This leads me to wonder if they had ever heard of keeping backups. Nobody in their right mind never backs anything up.

But time and time again there was the statement that data had been lost forever.

They do say that there are two types of people, one who backs up everything and a second who backups nothing because they have yet to loose anything. I have in the past always taken this statement with a pinch of salt. But from reading the reviews of this particular drive that there are a percentage of computer users who don’t backup.

These days data is often valuable and we keep more and more of our life history and or possessions digitally. So it makes sense to have a backup surely? Well apparently some think not.

I must admit I find it hard to dig up any sympathy, we have numerous reminders to back up. Operating systems these days can be set to do it automatically, you don’t even need to make an effort to do anything.

Here in my Mac environment TimeMachine does an hourly backup automatically, I have all my files backed up onto my NAS here in the office with another backup off site. You can’t be too careful.

Also, I wonder how many people verify their backups to see if they are successful and will actually work. Do You? No thought not.

If your backup is corrupt, incomplete or just unreadable then it’s as bad as having no backup at all.

So now you have finished this missive then check your backups actually work, or if you don’t have a backup then do something about getting one sorted. Before you mutter you can’t be bothered just think of all the family images you have that are irreplaceable, you have thought? Good now extract your digit and get a backup sorted.