The more you pay the less help you get.

After much deliberation the wife and I have splashed out on a couple of new office chairs. The old ones were shall we say past their best and in dire need of replacement.

In common with most things these days they came flat packed each in a large box.

Tools provided to assemble – One Allen Key
Instructions provided – One piece of paper with a few diagrams.

Shall we say the second one was easier to assemble than the first was. The diagrams were not that much use and I reckon it would have been quicker not to consult them at all.

But we got there in the end and the two chairs are assembled and now in use. I am sitting on one whilst typing this literary gem for you.

So you may well ask what is my point? Well the point is that having made a few purchases of late I have noticed the more you spend the less assistance you get to get the item working.

What do you think?