Sometimes you need a little extra

Now I will be the first to admit I spend too much time at my desk, and I am making an active effort to spend less time hammering away at the keyboard.

But one thing that’s always irritated me is that when the work flow is flowing I often fancy a cup of coffee. Also it would be nice sometimes to have a coffee first thing in the morning without having to trek down to the kitchen and back again.

With this in mind the wife and I have invested in a coffee machine for my office. Like me it’s nothing flash but does the job.

Here is a picture of the said device. installed and ready to go. Next to it is a stand for the coffee pods, looks better than a pile of boxes and was cheaply obtained from the local Tesco store.






I must say it works very well indeed, it uses the same pods as the machine down in the kitchen, so no duplicate purchases of coffee. We have elected for milk pods as well, nowhere in here to keep milk in any other form.

So far I must say I am extremely pleased Wirth the device. It does what it says on the box and saves me time.

So I think Job Done!

A summer Friday

Here we are trundling through the first week of August and the sun is making a half hearted attempt to shine. Personally I don’t give much for it’s chances to be honest. Rain is forecast for tomorrow afternoon so that’s something to look forward to.

I sat here in the office this afternoon wondering about this blog. I started it back in May 2013 with to be honest no real idea of what I was going to do with it and what kind of direction it was going to take. I think I wanted somewhere other than my railway blog to post random thoughts and observations about this and that as I worked my way through life. To be honest I am not sure I have achieved that. The blog has, in the past had periods of no entries and I am not sure if that was because I had nothing to really say, or that I had but could not be bothered to put thoughts to the screen via the keyboard.

The fact that I rarely get response to my postings by comments on the post does not help, I mean am I typing this to myself and will I be the only person to reads it? I know that the answer is likely to be no simply because people I speak to comment that they read these entries, and then make a comment on what they have read. Why they have just not made a comment by pressing the comments button and hammering their comments out on the keyboard is beyond me.

I suppose what I am really saying is that if I make an effort to do a post that if you have comments perhaps you should make an effort to make a comment if you actually have any comments to make. So if you have survived this far into this post then please take note.

A few years ago blogs were all the rage on a multitude of subjects from hobbies to day to day life. But the trend now is for posts to be made on social media where people pour their hearts into saying they have just been to the toilet and are now waiting for the bus to work, to do a job they hate and will most likely comment on how much they hate it later. Some will post on Facebook and crow that they have a thousand friends. How you can have friends you have never met is frankly beyond me. Personally I think if somebody life revolves around  updating friends they have never met about things that are of no interest to anybody then they really need to get a life.

But that’s really it I suppose, do people have time to get a life these days. My wife recently got made redundant after over nineteen years in the same job, and if I ask her, as I have several times if she misses it then her answer is “No.” Speaking personally I think that it’s sad that after nineteen years there is nothing she misses enough to think it warrants comment. Yes she has remained in contact with a few of the people she worked with, but that may or may not stand the test of time. Thinking about it when I left paid employment some years ago I did not miss it either if I am totally honest. I mean what fun is there in having a job when your only aim is to hang in there until retirement. Some years ago my retirement age was sixty and I should in that case have been retired about eighteen months. Instead the government shifted the goal posts and my retirement age is now sixty seven. All I got at sixty was free eye tests and free prescriptions. Come to think of it I might have got a birthday card from Saga but that was so exciting I can’t honestly remember.

If I keep on ruminating like this I will run into the next blog post. So I will go back to the book I was reading safe in the knowledge that my mutterings have been converted into electrons to be unread across the world.

Now back to the book and looking forward to tomorrows expected rain. It’s an exciting life.