Go faster stripes for your computer

Whilst drifting through the BBC news site today an article about spyware in a cleaning program for Windows caught my eye.

The program in question is Ccleaner. This used to be distributed by Piriform but they were bought out by Avast the anti virus software people.

According to the article the software was infected by some spyware. Apparently all is now well, but I am sure some users will be having their doubts about putting in or keeping it on their computer.

This set me thinking about how effective this kind of software actually is. Now with any software claiming to make your machine, faster, cleaner and/or safer people generally fall into two camps. The first swear by it saying it’s the best thing since sliced bread and the second declare it a waster of time and that it does not do what it claims.

I should point out at this stage that I am not a Windows user these days, I kicked it into touch many moons ago and have never regretted doing so for one second. But when I was a user I played with most of the programs that claimed miracles and never found them to apparently make any difference at all, except perhaps free up space when they got rid of temp files and the like. But of course they were soon back again. I always found that the cleaning/maintenance programs included with the various flavours of Windows seemed to work at getting rid of junk without using anything else. But doing so never seemed to make the computer run faster.

They do say that belief in something with often convince you that something works. Medicine being a good example where belief  seems to play a great part in how good pills are.

Anyway back to this snake oil software, I think one of the big things that encourage people to try these miracle programs is the fact that they are often free or they have a free basic version.

I have never seen any concrete evidence proving that these programs do any good at all. So I would love to hear from you if you have POSITIVE proof they do any good at all. By positive I don’t mean you say that they are as advertised. I want concrete evidence. I look forward to receiving evidence and links to sites showing this proof. I am to be honest not holding my breath.

Please post as comments to this blog post so all can share.