When I were a lad.

Well here we are on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

Looking at the maps on Google Earth of the city centre and local out of town shopping centres it looks as though plenty of people are out and about, either doing last minute gift shopping or wandering around like Zombies wondering what they will do tomorrow with the shops shut.

I would imagine that Christmas morning, like the Christmas mornings for a few years past will see the cul-de-sac I live in deserted, nobody about all the residents sitting about looking at their gifts.

Now when I was a lad I remember it so different. Children would get gifts that they could use outside, and a glance out the window would show children proudly riding up and down on their new bikes or zooming up and down the footpaths on their new roller skates. Wrapped up against the cold.

You don’t see this now, no doubt on Christmas morning children will be sitting in doors with their electronic gifts, texting their mates bragging about their new whizz bang tablet or their new phone with all the latest features. But they wont be communicating face to face, getting some fresh air and showing off their toys.

Now I may be getting old but I think the fact they will be indoors will be a shame and their loss, what do you think?

Retirement is hard work

This retirement lark is hard work.

I used to laugh when people who had retired told me they wondered how they had time to work, now I know what they mean.

Some things are not going as planned. For a start I planned to cut down on computers, well currently I have one more than I had at retirement.

My displeasure at gardening is legendary, guess what, we have spent a fortune on having the garden cleared and turfed. The result being that the wife has informed me that the garden will be my 2018 project!! I can’t wait. The whole thing must have put me in shock, I ordered a lawn mower today.

Other than that it’s going fine, I think.

Do any of you have tales of starting retirement and it not being as planned? If so I would love to hear.