Well here we go again.

Here we are just at the end of the first week of January with the year spread out in front of us. How they year will pan out is of course anybody’s guess.

Each year people seem to just want the new year to be better than the old one, but I wonder if they think back and actually recall if the old year was actually good or bad?

Personally, I will just take it as it comes, not much else we can do really when push comes to shove. At the moment I am down with a dose of the lurgi and feeling terrible, but there is nothing I can do about it except keep warm etc. So we are just getting on with things.

One of the things we are getting on with is having a sort of some of the bits and pieces I have accumulated over the last few years. I am amazed at what I have got and in many cases I have no recollection of how I got the item and why. A good example are external hard drives, I have turned up five 1TB external drives, two of which are unused and boxed. I have no idea as to why I got them, though I must have had plans for them at the time of purchase. Still as I often say… They will come in useful, though I am not sure when!

Until I stared the exercise of having a sort out I would not have put myself down as a hoarder, but after a morning sorting stuff I am not so sure,  I keep turning up bits I had forgotten I had. Perhaps I should just throw them all out and start again? Thats the problem with bits, you have them for years gathering dust, then throw them out because you have not used them only to find a couple of weeks later you need one and have to order one. The circle starts again.

Years ago some bright spark said that with the advent of computers offices and homes would be able to go paper free. Who were they trying to kid!!! I have sorted out lots of bits of paper to be shredded, many of which have been read only once since they were printed. Some people seem to have this need to print stuff out. I used to work with a woman who printed out all the emails she received, filed them in a big filing cabinet then deleted them off the computer. I never di ask her why shew did not just leave them on the computer?

Right back my sorting, who knows what I will find that I did not know I had.