People can be wrong.

I was looking on Amazon the other day, yes I know it’s a bad habit but at my age I am surely allowed a few?

Anyway, I saw a mug on sale and on it were the words “I would love to agree with you but then we would both be wrong!”

I am sure like me through life you have come across people who can never accept they could be wrong. You know the type who would argue black is white just to prove something meaningless.

During my retail career I would meet people like that almost every day. Those who would argue a price in the shop price list was wrong and that the number they had plucked out of thin air was right.

I have vivid memories of one such idiot who bought an item up to the till and put it down uttering the words, you don’t need to look it up it’s £19.99. So I smiled at him and put through the till at that price. My manager was nearby and heard the whole thing. He came over when the customer had gone reminding me the item in question was actually £14.99. He had a big grin when I pointed out that the customer in question would always tell sales staff that the customer was always right, so who was I to tell him he was an idiot!!

Little things like that brighten the day generally. Idiots are like buses if you miss one don’t panic there will be another along shortly.

Idiots generally in my experience are male and normally married to really nice wives who often look at you and raise their eyes skywards as their beloved keeps on digging the hole he is in even deeper.

Just sit back now and remember the people like this you have met in the past, I bet it will put a smile on your face, then again I could of course be wrong.