Getting Older

Tonight I realised I am getting older!! I mean it’s not something I normally think about.

I still look at young ladies and think that if I took mind to chase them I could probably catch them, though what I would do after that is open to debate! In reality some of them seem faster than me when they are standing still.

Anyway I was reading an excellent blog post at you go and take a look after you have read this drivel. But her post made me think about getting older. Now I know I am getting older if only from the fact that I am not as nippy as I used to be. Don’t get me wrong I have never been that nippy, to quote my late mother I am built for comfort not speed.

But certainly I am slower doing some things than I used to be, and I must admit I find that a tad frustrating. I must get more exercise, a few months ago the wife and I spent a bit of money on having the garden done, and I intend from now on for it to be my pet project. I have even bought a new lawn mower and some new tools.

Should I get depressed if the grass grows quicker than I cut it? Fancy racing grass!

Watch this space I may post some pictures showing my progress, which hopefully will be forwards.