One EVERY SIX Days….

I was sitting here thinking it was about time I did another post when I saw the news.

Another School shooting, this time in Texas. That’s on average one every six days since the 1st January I read on Twitter.

How can a nations politicians ignore this?

Children go to school to be educated, they go to improve their future.

How can people ignore the fact that tonight as in the evenings of other attacks, ┬áparents will never see their children again, parents don’t send their children to school expecting them to be shot.

Then I see a post on Twitter of an idiot turning up at the school with an American flag and a pistol on his belt. WHY? This is no solution, this is a sick mind. The pupils of Santa Fe High School deserve better.

The Politicians will roll out and say their prayers and thoughts are with the parents and the dead. THEY DON’T NEED PRAYERS THEY NEED ACTION.

But I doubt if they will get action. Here this side of the Atlantic in the UK I sit and wonder why a countries politicians can let this continue happening. If it gets worse then the media will report the days when there is not a shooting rather than a day when there is.

Now I tend to look at things quite simply in general. Looking at this I see a country where politicians accept money from the NRA who promote guns. They don’t have big enough balls to stand up to the people who finance them and say enough is enough.

How can you have a country where a politician gets into office because they and their team have raised millions of dollars to get their message across. Somebody with little money seems to me to have no chance of office. Why do you have a system where those who raise the most money win even if they are as thick as a brick?

I accept that you will never get rid of all guns, that would be an impossible task, but surely it is not beyond the skill of politicians and the people to make the laws tighter so unstable people can’t have easy access weapons?

Now I may be wrong but I don’t think I am, in my mind it seems that in many states it’s easier for a teenager to get a gun than it is a can of beer? How can this be so?

To all the older Adults, look behind you the youth of America are on the march, and they are determined that things must change for the better, and if I was a betting man my money would be on them succeeding

These are just my thoughts and you may or may not agree with them, I am no expert. But I am an adult appalled yet again by a senseless shooting.