I have had worse days.

Summer has arrived, and I am sitting in the shade in the garden writing this blog post.

Now I know that this may be the last bit of sunshine we get knowing the British weather, so I feel I must take advantage of it.

Rosemary who looks after the garden at the station has often commented that in the UK we don’t get seasons we get samples, and she could well be right!

Many people feel that at the first glimpse of sunshine they should go out for the day, and in doing so battle the traffic, the crowds and then wonder why they bothered.

Me I am happy sitting here with a ham sandwich, a can of Pepsi Max in the shade enjoying the gentle breeze.

I have decided that it’s about time I had a go at writing again, I have left it alone for far too long so after writing this post I will see what I can create this afternoon via the keyboard.

Over the past six months I have done a lot of reading and enjoyed most of the fiction that I have read and in the process puzzled more than once how I enjoyed a book that received average and sometimes poor reviews and then read one by the same author that’s received rave reviews when personally I felt it was worse than the first one. Have you ever experienced that? The end result now is that I ignore reviews and choose a book based on either it’s author it the brief description of the story.

Right onwards and upwards time to get writing……