In with the new but hang onto the old.

Those of you who either follow this blog or know me personally know that I am mainly Apple user.

I have a Windows machine but that’s just used for programming radios, for everything else I use Apple.

I started off some years ago with a 2012 MacBook PRO, the model I purchased was a 15″ screen non-retina screen. Nothing flash as Mac’s go and certainly not top of the line.

A couple of modifications I made was to expand the memory to 16GB and also replace the Hard Drive with a 512GB SSD. Both improved the speed of the machine, especially replacing the hard drive.

In 2017 I decided to replace the machine with a new model. Still a MacBook PRO but this time with faster memory, better graphics and an improved SDD.

The new machine gets lots of use, but I just can’t get rid of the old Mac, actually this blog entry is being typed on the old model. For some strange reason I just prefer it for some tasks. On both machines I have an external keyboard, this one on the old Mac being wired and the one on the newer machine being wireless. Now I will admit to not being a great fan of the new keyboards on the Mac’s, for me the keys don’t have enough travel and they are too noisy, it has been likened to typing on a set of scrabble tiles!

But the purpose of this post is to comment on the continued use of the old machine. Yes I could put everything onto the new machine and dispose of the old one, but I jut can’t bring myself to do so. I suppose it’s like continuing to wear old slippers or shoes when you have bought a new pair, they just feel comfortable

At some stage I will have to replace it simply because it won’t run older software but up until then I can see it continue to be used daily. The wife has commented that perhaps I should have just kept the old machine, and perhaps she is right, time will tell.