Plodding through summer

Well here we are almost half way through July plodding our way through summer.

The weather has been much like modern television and left much to be desired.

Not much use in planning a day in the week to do any gardening and most likely we will have showers on the day in question.

When we have had periods of sunny weather it’s often been very humid and not a time for doing much.

Looking at the news the variable weather has been blamed on a number of things, from global warming to Brexit and the US Presidents recent visit! I tease you not, people will blame the weather on any number of things.

As for me, well I just go with the flow, I can’t change the weather so I don’t worry about it. Considering we can do nothing about the weather most Brits spend hell of a lot of time discussing it. Including me looking at recent blog posts.

The grass will get cut evenually and therefore all is well with the world!