That’s all folks, until next year.

Well here we are trundling our way through the last day of the year.

I have sat here going back over what’s happened to me in the past twelve months, and when push comes to shove there is not a lot to go over really.

Currently on my break from the railway, and if I am honest I am not missing it one bit, I cast an occasional eye on the railcams but that’s about it. There is a steady flow of communications from a few across the railway, normally asking how I am. Now I can’t decide if they ask because they are genuinely concerned or if somebody has got a book going and taking bets on the date of my demise, I would like to think the former, but you never know. I hope to find something interesting to do when I return at the end of April, but we shall see. The cynical part of me wonders if they will just keep Orton Mere warm hoping I will take up the reins again, well that will not be happening so please don’t run a book on that.

One thing I have done in the last month or so is have a final clear out of unwanted and unneeded computer bits, I have accumulated a fair bit over the years but got it tamed now. I have even discovered that the table tops are brown now they are much clearer. What tempted me to get so many ethernet leads is beyond me!!

So there we have it the last blog post of 2019, hopefully we will post more in 2020 and maybe on more subjects that amuse, intrigue or downright irritate me.


The straw that broke the camels back.

Over the last couple of years a few people have asked me if there was one specific point where something happened that made me close my business and take early retirement.

The answer is yes and no! I had been vaguely thinking about taking early retirement for some time, and had even set a few possible dates, but it all came to a head one morning.

I was talking to a prospective client on the phone, this in itself was rare as 99% of my business was via email or online live chat.

We had been chatting about his requirements, which from what I remember were quite specific. Anyway we got to that part of the conversation where costs rear their head. Having given him some rough figures, with the accent being on rough he uttered the immortal words…. Do you know anybody as good as you but cheaper?

That was the straw that broke the camels back, I just put down the phone and set in motion what was needed to  close everything down and take early retirement.

For all I know he is still hanging on the other end of that phone line.

Skills cost money, and as I once said to a client the reason I charged what I did was because I knew how to do it and he didn’t.

Experience showed me time after time that those who commented the most about the cost were always the slowest to pay.

Changing our minds

Now it as often been said that us British often don’t see a joke, now this may well be true I know people who would not get a joke if it slapped them round the face.

But anyway, there are certain people who’s idea of humour changes on a regular basis. Now I have been known to pass on little ditties of humour via email, generally bits that have made me chuckle.

Which finally leads me to the point of this post.

About a month ago I sent out to a friend a small bit of humour that had tickled my funny bone when I had first read it some ten minutes earlier. Some twenty minutes later I received a reply along the lines that they did not get the joke and therefore did not find it at all funny. Now this is fair enough we can’t always find everything funny just because somebody else does.

So we wind fast forward to this morning and the said person to whom I had sent the failed joke to sent me an email, and guess what they had sent back the same joke with the comment “Just received this, thought you would find it amusing, I certainly did.”

I mean has their humour changed in the space of a few weeks? having no desire to pursue that question with them I may never know.

A two year anniversary.

The 27th of November marked the two year anniversary of me closing my business and taking early retirement.

A number of people have asked me recently I have any regrets, and to be honest the answer is no I don’t have a single one.

It was normally hard work, as it often is dealing with the public, who quite often had no real idea what they wanted. Some only wanted a web site because their friends had one.

Over the years I set up numerous blog sites using WordPress, which is what this blog site runs on. Most of them died a death, some quicker than others as the owners went onto new fads and trends.

Now I just go with the flow and take things as they come, I still get the odd person, often odder in more ways than one ask if I will do them a site, and I always decline.

I am a great believer in once I have made a decision to stick by it. It’s rare I regret that stance.

So we slowly meander towards the general election a week on Thursday and cruise towards Christmas. The excitement is building.