The inside outside Toilet

Now I can see I have already got you confused. I mean how can you have an inside outside toilet? Well let me explain.

Are you sitting comfortably, and not necessarily on a toilet? You are then I will begin.

On our landing at home as well as the bedroom doors we have a door to a bathroom and one to a toilet. Now a force of habit we don’t shut the windows in the toilet or bathroom, and unless in use or recovering from an urgent visit we often leave the doors ajar.

However the toilet can get rather cold in the winter, but the wife has drawn the line at a centrally heated bog seat. Though it must be said that in really cold weather we have been known to smear vaseline on our rear ends so they don’t stick to the loo seat if we sit for any length of time.

For some strange reason the wind does like to blow through the toilet window, and it seems that the colder it is the more it blows. If a visit is needed in the middle of a winters night it can seem that we are trekking out the back door and down to the privy at the bottom of the yard. Quick calls are needed so we don’t have bits suffering from exposure.

So if any of you wise people know why the wind blows more in through the toilet window then we would love to know. Answers in pencil on the back of a used ten pound note please.