Communication is a two way process.

I have long been of the opinion that we are loosing our ability to communicate except with short messages and abbreviated text.

Now it takes two or more to communicate, your local radio station does not normally communicate with you, instead it broadcasts to you. Communication only happens when they read out messages received from listeners or do a phone in show.

Youngsters these days seem to just assume that text messages in various forms are the normal and in some cases the only way of communicating.

But this post is aimed really at people or companies that ask for responses or feedback communications by email and then don’t reply.

You have all seen the advertisement that recommends you email for further details on whatever they are offering, so you fire off a question or questions and they wait, and you wait, and you wait for a reply that never arrives. From my experience this is becoming more and more common especially with businesses.

From this I can only draw one conclusion and that is they are collecting email addresses. This is based if nothing else but on the fact that guilty companies will some months later often send out a generic email pushing one or more of their products, and the only way they could have got the address they used was from the email you sent them that they never replied to.

I have proved this by creating a series of email addresses for one of the domains I have and then using them once and once only to email a company with a query. This has resulted in over 50% of those addresses receiving a generic email from the company some time later and the original email they never bothered to answer.

It always puzzles me why companies send out this generic stuff and I wonder how successful it is. I suppose the important this to remember is that it coasts nothing to send an email, perhaps if it cost say even 1p to send a email if this practice would stop.

Many people have said in various articles over the years that spam email would die if it cost money to send an email. I don’t know, I mean most of the stuff I send to friends is so basic that it would not be worth spending a penny on to send it.

Anyway back to communications, do you have examples of failure to communicate? If so please let me know either in the comments to this email or by direct email.