It’s getting later earlier.

Well as we trundle through Autumn it is as I always say getting later earlier. Or in simple terms the nights are drawing in.

There is a nip in the air in the mornings and shops will soon have their Christmas stock on display and greatly inflated prices so they can sell the tat that remains unsold in the January sales at what appears to be a low price but in reality is about what the tat is really worth.

I must admit I like the dark nights, where I live looks better in the dark, hot sunny days merely remind us that the rubbish bins that sit outside most houses are only emptied once every two weeks.

The one nice thing about autumn are the days where the sun shines, the autumn colours are really nice for photography, they lend themselves nicely to creative images.

No doubt when the clocks go back an hour at the end of October, there will be the normal comments on children in danger going to school in the dark. Actually adults are more in danger if only from the little darlings taking their bikes to school and riding on the paths without lights or reflective jackets. But it would not be Britain if we did not have something to moan about.

Plus of course we will soon have Christmas shopping to look forward to, that time of year when we buy people we don’t like stuff they don’t want and try to buy them something better than they bought us last year as if to say “Up Yours!! I can afford it. Then we have the thrill of sending Christmas cards to people who we never normally think about for the rest of the year. We wish them Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, when in reality we could not give a stuff as to what kind of Christmas and New Year they have.

Just think of the upcoming excitement over autumn and for that matter winter. No wonder any animal with sense will try and sleep through it all!