Two for the price of one……

For longer than I can care to remember there has been a scam going round where you are phoned by somebody about a problem you are supposed to have with your computer.

Well I have not had such a call for a few months and today I hit the jackpot and got two! Oh lucky me!

The second was the most memorable and went something like this…..

Good Afternoon Sir this is Dennis from (Some company or another)

Yes, what do you want?

I am phoning good sir because you have a problem with your computer that we are detecting when you connect to the internet, and even sometimes when you are not connected.

Which computer?

You have more than one?

Yes I do.

Well you are lucky man sir but problem is with all of them.

Are you sure it’s with all of them I have here at the moment?

Oh yes indeed sir you have big big trouble with all your computers.

In that case I am impressed with your efficiency.

Thank you kind sir for the complement, we are always trying..

Yes you are…

No kind sir we are always trying to be of assistance.

Well as I said I am impressed that you can detect a problem with all the computers here.

Again thank you sir, you are most most kind.

Would you like to know why I am impressed?

Indeed I would sir.

Well you have managed to detect a problem on a computer I have not had 10 minutes and have yet to unbox, that is very clever.

There was much swearing at the other end and the call terminated.

Now that’s what I call a result!!!!!