I closed a web site today

Today I did something that I rarely do.

I closed one of the web sites that I run. The web site in question was a community web site for the area I live in.

Now I have run the site for 14 years and did not take the decision to close it lightly. But things move on and the site was looking dated and needed major work if it was to expand and grow as a local service.

To be honest I just don’t have the time, and I can see other sites I run suffering the same fate over the next few months. I need to re-assess my priorities. I am looking at seriously expanding my business into some new product areas and new countries, this must take priority. It’s an exciting time for me and I plan to enjoy it.

Often in life you will continue doing things more out of habit than anything else when actually they have exceeded their life span and sometimes these things can actually drag you down with the time they take.

So taking the above into account the community site has bitten the dust, there will be no return certainly not by me any time in the future, you can’t go back you can only go forwards.

Here’s to my companies expansion plans being successful.