The night when door to door begging becomes acceptable

It’s Halloween and the local children and adults are out in force begging at the doors.

Looking at the children walking round my cul-de-sac they have made very little if any effort to dress up, but the scene is like this…..

Two adults and a few children. An adult bangs on the door then steps back so their special little snowflakes are there when the poor resident of the house opens the door for the tenth time in fifteen minutes. Sweets do or do not change hands and after the door is closed the beggars look into the bag making comments quite loudly as to how friendly and generous or otherwise the person who opened the door has been. Then they go to the next door.

Just as I started writing this there were four groups each following the other round the cul-de-sac all knocking on the same doors.

Now Halloween is an import from over the pond, where I gather they normally put a lot of effort into the whole event. Here we have groups of scruffy adults leading children round with the object of getting as much in the bags they are carrying with the least amount of effort.

I just look on it as begging.

The local Police forces do a poster that you can stick on your door if you don’t want to be disturbed. I have one on my door, but it did not stop a woman with two children, who from the odour would have been better spending the evening having a shower knocking on my door with the sole intention of telling me that the poster was spoiling her children evening. She was suitably educated and no doubt learnt a few new English & French words whist she was at my door.

At least it’s only once a year!!!!