A whole month.

It’s been exactly a month since my last posting, and in that time a few things have happened.

The most major of course was my mothers funeral. Thankfully it went well, with the expected attendance, it was nice to see relatives I have not seen for a few years, it’s funny that with some people you might not see them for years but when you do and start chatting it’s as though you last saw them yesterday.

It is however disappointing when you inform people of the death and other than a brief email you hear nothing else, not even when you send them a copy of the last picture that was ever taken of my mother. I think is fair to say I expected more from a couple of people. I thought they had some respect for other people even when they die, but in these cases I appear to have been proved wrong.

With the funeral behind us things have been getting back to normal, or as normal as anything is here. The book writing has taken a back burner of last, there has been too much else going on all around. So I am concentrating on writing a few short articles on a number of subjects that have taken my fancy and I will return to the book when I feel some inspiration for it.

A week today Sue my wife starts a weeks holiday, she certainly needs it. We were planning to go away somewhere for a few days but nothing has taken our fancy at all to be honest, we had looked at places we have never been to or maybe just passed through in the past but on reflection we perhaps need somewhere we know so we can just relax and recharge our batteries. What will happen I guess is that we will just potter about the house for the week and not really achieve a lot. That’s not what we need but I would bet that’s what’s most likely to happen in the end.

So there you have it, a short recap of the last month, hopefully it will not be a month before my next entry.