The need for speed, a week on.

It’s been just over a week since I fitted the SSD into this MacBook PRO, and I am still impressed by the speed of everything, boot up is amazing as is opening programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Well worth the money in my opinion.

Having said that it’s debatable of course if I am actually doing anything constructive with the time saved!

Since fitting it I have looked around places like Youtube for other peoples thoughts on SSD’s and I have come to the conclusion that many people are spouting absolute rubbish. They are panicking especially about the expected or the perceived life time of SSD drives, personally I am not fussed. It lasts as long as it lasts.

A few years ago I went through the pleasure of a conventional hard drive failing totally that was less than two weeks old. It was replaced by the manufacturer without question so not a world ending problem. But it does show the need for a good system of doing backups. They do say that there are two types of computer user, the first has suffered data loss and now backs up everything, and the the second has never lost data and backs up nothing.

I am sorry to say that I come across as many of the latter as I haveĀ of the former. There is a saying amongst professionals and that is if you don’t have an off site backup then you have no backup at all, and by off site I don’t mean in another room in the same building. That is very true, I have backups here in the office but also I have ALL the business and other irreplaceable files backed up off site as well. I have come across companies that have there backup machine sitting next to the machine it’s backing up, that is madness especially in the case of fire or theft.

The other important thing to check is that your backup actually works, it’s pointless having a corrupted backup, if that’s what you find you have then you actually have no backup at all. Back in the dark distant days I remember a company that did weekly tape backups, but always used the same tapes, so in effect they had just one backup. They suffered a failure and found that the tape drive they were using was actually for some reason not writing to the tape. So for heaven knows how long they had been backing up nothing. The cost of the lost data in terms of lost information, orders and the business records took the company down, they just could not recover from a 100% loss.

So do you have a good backup system, and if your running a business could you recover from 100% data loss?

One thought on “The need for speed, a week on.

  1. Masher says:

    I don’t run a business, but the importance of backups was brought home to me when I lost hundreds of photographs of the kids as babies, during The Great Hard Drive Crash Of October Bank Holiday 2006.

    I think the thing with backups is not to make them a chore, else they won’t get done. That’s why mine are automated.

    My PC is never turned off, just switched to Standby/Sleep, so I have it set so that a couple of times a week, it will wake up at 2 in the morning and go through it’s backup routine, mirroring altered/added files to a standalone USB drive. All photos are backed up to two separate standalone drives, one called Belt, the other called Braces. Files that I consider “important” are uploaded to either Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Not the most comprehensive backup system, but definitely better than nothing.

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