So is it still OK with no windows then?

Regular sufferers of this blog will, if they scratch their grey matter remember than a couple of years ago I kicked Microsoft into touch and moved to Apple.

I thought it was about time that I gave you a bit of an update.

Contrary to the belief of many, my office is still functioning, day is still following night and all is well with the world. I remain very pleased with my MacBook PRO and my 21.5″ iMac, they do everything I want and more.

Though to be perfectly honest there has been a chink through a slightly open window in that I was forced to buy an inexpensive laptop running Windows last year just to run a specific program, there is no Mac version. I will admit I use it as little as I can, compared to the others it’s slow, bloated and not user friendly. It ran Windows 8.1 when I got it and now it runs Windows 10 or to give it a more suitable name Windows ET, it spends lots of the time it’s switched on phoning home. I won’t bore you repeating the many comments made about it’s desire to forward your soul to Microsoft at every opportunity. Just take a look at the many videos on the subject on Youtube.

Anyway, back to the main machines. Just after I bought the MacBook PRO I upgraded the memory to 16GB which made a great improvement on what was already a nippy machine. Another change I have made in the last 12 months is to replace the Hard drive with a solid state drive. The new drive is so much faster, for many the speed bottleneck is the speed of the hard drive and by buying this one I have removed a bottleneck.

All my business is on the laptop, and it is the day to day workhorse, the iMac seems to be little more than a media player, though that could change shortly.

If somebody asks me if I would move back to a 100% Windows environment the answer is not just “NO” it’s “HELL NO!” Certainly now I am more productive, I am not disturbed by countless updates etc. The machines just work and we can ask for no more than that.

However, to be honest if I was buying a MacBook now I would go for one of the Air models rather than the PRO, simply on weight, it’s a bit chunky to carry round. But I bought it because of three things 1. The hard drive could be replaced. 2. It’s got an ethernet port. 3. It has a CD-ROM drive. But as number three is becoming less important then it would not be a consideration now.

So there you have it, I am still happy in an office with no Windows (Well almost!)