Getting Older

Tonight I realised I am getting older!! I mean it’s not something I normally think about.

I still look at young ladies and think that if I took mind to chase them I could probably catch them, though what I would do after that is open to debate! In reality some of them seem faster than me when they are standing still.

Anyway I was reading an excellent blog post at you go and take a look after you have read this drivel. But her post made me think about getting older. Now I know I am getting older if only from the fact that I am not as nippy as I used to be. Don’t get me wrong I have never been that nippy, to quote my late mother I am built for comfort not speed.

But certainly I am slower doing some things than I used to be, and I must admit I find that a tad frustrating. I must get more exercise, a few months ago the wife and I spent a bit of money on having the garden done, and I intend from now on for it to be my pet project. I have even bought a new lawn mower and some new tools.

Should I get depressed if the grass grows quicker than I cut it? Fancy racing grass!

Watch this space I may post some pictures showing my progress, which hopefully will be forwards.

4 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. Annie says:

    Thank you for the nice comment, Robert!

    Old age sure can sneak up on you. Bottom line, whatever we do, we better kick up our heels and have some fun for the next 30+ years!

    I just hope I never turn into one of those little old ladies who sit at the bus stop with my knee-high nylons bagging around my ankles, waiting for a bus to take me downtown to buy Christmas ornaments in July. That’s my biggest nightmare!

    Love that you have a new garden and will be watching the grass grow. A noble task! I’d give you one of my lemon trees, but I don’t think it would make the trip!

  2. Mid Life Man says:

    They do say you’re as old as you feel.
    From time to time I feel like an 18 year old.
    But the wife won’t let me have one!!

  3. Ian Cochrane says:

    it seems we have a lot in common Robert… still looking but a smidgen slower.
    I find I’m more preoccupied these days with just how much more mileage I can get out of this `middle aged’ thing, before moving (slowly) on to something more appropriate.

    1. Mid Life Man says:

      Age is a thing that nobody can avoid, trouble is I think I passed my peak without ever realising I was there to enjoy it!!

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