6 Minutes, 20 Seconds. Emma Gonzalez

On Saturday I watched the live broadcast March For Our Lives.

I was moved, I realised I was watching American History being made.

Young Americans marching for change, marching for what they believed in. Whilst their President played Golf in Florida!

The speeches were all thought provoking, honest and given from the heart but all those who spoke, but one stood out above all the rest, and that was the speech by Emma Gonzalez.

Her silence said more than any words ever could. Here presence on the stage was amazing, she is one brave courageous young lady who by saying nothing during her period of silence said everything.

I doubt if I will ever meet this young lady but if I don’t that will be my loss. She is destined for great things in the future. The words she spoke were spoken with a maturity far exceeding her young years. But the silence spoke far more.

I may not be still alive to see it, but if this young lady in the future never holds the highest office in the United States then the USA will be far poorer for her not doing so.

Emma thank you for your speech, you are an inspiration not only to youngsters across America, but also to me.


One thought on “6 Minutes, 20 Seconds. Emma Gonzalez

  1. Annie says:

    Absolutely! Emma is one amazing young woman. Actually the whole lot of them are great. I’m so impressed with how poised and articulate they are. Thanks for your insights on our struggle over here!

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