One Week & Counting.

This is the start of a Sabbatical which is really just a break.

After some fourteen years on the railway mainly running Orton Mere Station, I have decided to take a sabbatical for six months.

But this could be easier said than done it appears!

Since I cleared my personal effects out of the station a week last Tuesday, I have had more contact with people on the railway than I normally do when I am running the station.

Enquiries ranging from Wi-Fi passwords to gentle probes as to whether I am dying or not!

Looking at it face on it could be because I am not actually taking a sabbatical, I am just having a break! Apparently, a sabbatical is where you take paid leave with the agreement of your employer and at the end return to the same job. Well I am not paid and I will not be returning to the same job.

Now I realise that this may cause a few ripples, in the minds of many Orton Mere has, for want of a better description a reputation for being a bit on the rough side.

Now I know the station has its moments but it is a super place to work and I have enjoyed every turn I have done there.

But the time comes for a change and I think that for me that time for change is now. Though having said that I have no idea what I want to do when I return to the railway, but I have some months to give it some thought.

Now I would ask for suggestions as to what I can do when I return but I may not like some of the suggestions!

Last weekend was the three day diesel gala, and a couple of people asked me if I missed being at the station. The answer in all honesty is no I did not miss it at all. I am not and never have been a train fan, my enjoyment has come from chatting to a wide range of people over the years and also looking at the history of the line from a social point of view, that’s where my interests lie.

I must say I have received some really nice emails commenting on my break, I also get the impression that a couple have done some teddy throwing.

I am just grateful I am not dying as the thought of some people organising the local medium to try and make contact is a bit of a brain strain.

So there you have it, see you all around Easter next year!!